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What is meant by system software?

A type of software that controls the computer's hardware.


What is an Operating System (OS) ?

Software that allows the computer to run applications and controls the operations of a computer.


OS are sometimes referred to as a platform. What is meant by a platform?

An environment where applications, programs and software can run.


What is the purpose of the kernel in an OS?

It is used to operate the hardware and connect applications to the hardware.


What is meant by a user interface?

A computer design that allows the user to interact with the computer.


What is meant by a Graphic User Interface (GUI) ?

A user interface that uses graphics / images and words to represent the interaction between the end user and a computer.


How is a Command Line Interface (CLI) used?

The user provides a text command using the computer keyboard and the computer outputs text on the monitor.


What is meant by a multitasking operating system?

The fact that multiple instructions can be executed on a single computer simultaneously.


Windows is a commonly used OS. Name 3 others.

- iOS
- Linux
- Android


Describe what is meant by memory management?

It is the process of controlling the computer's memory to optimise its system performance. Memory management is used to allocate free memory to programs that need it and free up memory where it is not needed.


Describe what is meant by peripheral management.

It allows a computer's external devices (mouse, keyboard) to communicate with the computer system by sending commands to them (the external devices).


What is the purpose of a device driver?

It is a program that enables the computers' devices to communicate with the computer.


In a network, what is meant by user management?

An authentication feature of a computer that allows an administrator to be added or amend user details on a network.


What is meant by file management?

A system that is used by the OS to organise and keep track of files.


What is meant when a message is described as encrypted?

When a scrambled message is sent from on computer to another computer and is only able to be unscrambled by using a private key.


What is the purpose of encryption software?

It is software that encrypts and decrypts files on a hard disk or data packets over a network.


Describe how an encrypted email message is sent and received.

The original message is scrambled using a large digital key. The receiver will use the key to unscramble and then received the original message.


What is a disadvantage of always sending encrypted messages?

It takes longer for messages to be sent and received since it needs to be scrambled and then unscrambled.


What is the encryption method used by web browsers to encrypt details of purchases?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)


What is meant by defragmentation?

The fact that when files are deleted they leave gaps, when new files are saved the files fill the gaps and become fragmented.


What is meant be data compression?

When a device uses fewer bits to transmit the same amount of data.


What is meant by a full backup?

When data from all files and folders are backed up.


What is meant by an incremental backup?

It stores the changes made since the last backup.


Give 2 advantages for making an incremental backup instead of a full backup.

- It takes less time to backup.
- It takes up less memory.


What is a peripheral?

A device attached to a computer that is not require for the computer the operate.
eg. mouse, keyboard


What is multitasking?

The fact that all tasks appear to be executing at the same time due to time slice.


What is meant by processor management?

How the processor has to divide its time between processes.


What is a utility program?

A program that is designed to do just one or two things.
eg. file compression


What is compression?

Reducing the size of a file by preforming an algorithm of the original data.


What is meant by lossy?

When some of the original data is lost and the original file cannot be recreated.


What is meant by lossless?

The fact that the original file can be recreated as no data is lost.


What does encryption mean?

To scramble data to make it unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the private key to decrypt the data.


What do public keys do?



What do private keys do?

With the public key, they decrypt.


Why should you backup?

To ensure that there is a way of restoring files, date and programs in case of computer failure.


What happens in a full backup?

A copy of all the data and software on the hard disk drive is copied to a backup medium.


Why is a full backup usually done overnight?

It takes a long time to complete and a long time to restore.


What happens in an incremental backup?

A full backup is made initially and then each time an incremental backup is done, only the files which have been changed since the last backup are copied.


Give one advantage of an incremental backup.

It takes longer than a full backup.


What is a utility software?

A software that is built into the OS and interacts with the computer's hardware.
eg. Disk Drive