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What was the magnitude of the 2011 EQ?



How many people were killed in the EQ?

185 people


How did most of the people die?

Killed due to building collapse.


What was a significant issue which occurred when the earthquake took place?

Significant liquefaction leading to vast amounts of damage to infrastructure and damage particularly to old buildings.


What was the monetary loss that Christchurch incurred?

$12bn (3rd most expensive in history)


Name the four sections of the parks model and how long they each occur for.

Relief (hours to days)
Rehabilitation (days to weeks)
Reconstruction (weeks to years)


Briefly explain the 5 stages of the parks model

Stage 1: modify the cause and event
Stage 2: hazardous event
Stage 3: search rescue and care
Stage 4: relief and rehabilitation period - may include outside help (national or international)
Stage 5: nature of recovery related to - the need to reduce vulnerability and the need to restore normality as soon as possible.


What is resilience?

Ability to resist/cope/adapt and then recover afterwards
How efficient the response is
The amount of time available


What affects resilience?

The nature of damage
Quickness of the event
Government Relations with other countries
Amount of economic damage
Structure of insurance businesses
Amount of enquiry and complexity over liabilities
New technology/architects/builders (e.g. Cardboard Cathedral)
Speed of research
Motivations of grass roots stake holders, either protest or help rebuild


Where is Christchurch?

New Zealand, the South Island