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What is an example of long term aid to modify loss?

NGOs - non-governmental organisation;
Usually funded by donations and usually run by volunteers
They help in the long run


Which strategies reduce impacts of tectonic hazards?

Modifying the event
Modifying vulnerability
Modifying the loss


What is meant b capacity to cope?

Ability to respond to and recover from the effects of stress or perturbations that have the potential to alter the structure or function of the system


How can loss be minimised in terms of San Andreas?

Education- instructions given by authorities; drills
Securing homes, appliances and heavy furniture
Earthquake drills like in Japan


How does community adaption help minimise loss?

Communities work together to change their way of life, so the impact is not as hazardous
- reduces the overall impact and therefore the loss


What role does community preparedness play in the loss encountered?

Communities could work together to get ready for a tectonic hazard by having stronger, aseismic homes and workplaces

- Emergency procedures and well trained rescue and aid services assist too


How do MEDCs aid the outcomes of tectonic disasters? Do these come with costs?

They are more likely to take out insurance to cover their losses
- could be expensive


How do emergency services aid tectonic hazards and what are some evaluation points?

- They are able to carefully organise and plan
- Are able to train civilians
- Usually quick at your service

- could take some time to implement
- some of their equipment may not be specific enough for the particular disaster
- depending on situation, could have time lags


What basic preparation did California have?

Had the establishment of computer programs
Identified the areas whereby emergency should be sent to first


Examples of response to hazards include:

Saving people
Warning / evacuation
Providing immediate assistance
Assessing damage


What are some post-disaster strategies?

Restoration of infrastructural services
Economic and social revocery
Ongoing development activities
Risk assessment: mitigation / prevention


What can be done pre-disaster to reduce impacts?

Risk assessment
Mitigation / prevention beforehand


Why is not possible to modify earthquakes?

Because the place and the time of the earthquake cannot be predicted


Why can prediction of earthquakes be problematic?

They are not always accurate and guaranteed
Could make people feel safer and could lead to a lack of preparation
Could be confusion over information


Who do developing countries usually depend on for aid?

Non-governmental organisations such as CAFOD
They organise relief after events
This is because they cannot afford the aid themselves