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why did hitler turn on the SA

their leader, rohm was getting too powerful, he was also worried that the SA were planning a secret coup. additionally Rohm went against the Nazi policies ( fear he was homosexual)


when was the night of the long knives, how many died

29th of June 1934, 400 died


what was the oath of loyalty

after president Hindenburg died, hitler made civil servants and the army swear an oath of allegiance directly to hitler himself.


how did hitler gain control of the schools

he had history textbooks re written, teachers had to attend courses in the school holidays. INDOCTRINATION


explain how the Nazis were able to control how the world saw them at the 1936 olympics

they removed anti-Semitic posters and propaganda so that the world would show them as friendly


name the famous Nazi film director

Leni Riefenstahl


what was the role of a woman in Nazi germany

kinder, kirche, kuche. bring up a family


explain the catholic church in Nazi germany

the catholic church signed the concordat, this meant that hitler would not interfere with the church; however in 1937, Hitler arrested 200 priests on the grounds of financial and sexual impropriety


explain the protestant church in Nazi germany

the protestant church became known as the Reich church, 40 million members. pastors took the oath of loyalty to hitler.


rise to chancellor: propaganda

Goebbels is head of propaganda, they used posters - short and simple slogans, leaflets, newspapers, rallies, speeches, meetings. this propaganda consisted of criticism over the TOV and jews. hitler over Germany campaign in the presedential election, 1932, 13million votes to hindenburgs 19 million


rise to chancellor: terror

SA set up in 1921, led by Ernst Rohm. they broke up meetings of political opponents and to encourage violence in the street so they could be shown as peacekeepers. they were liked by businesses, 1934 - 2 million SA.


rise to chancellor: weaknesses of the Weimar government

proportional representation/ coalition government/weak and no clear leader/ parties sharing power/ Hindenburg & article 48/ unpopular chancellors (von papen & von schleicher)/ bruning - another un popular chancellor who cut the unemployment benefit and raised taxes


rise to chancellor: wall st crash

1929 wall street crash, world wide economic depression. usa demanded the money back from the dawes and young plan. by 1932 - 6 million are unemployed


rise to dictator: elimination of political parties

R.Fire after hitler got chancellor- communist found inside so communism was blamed, hitler was able to persuade Hindenburg to use article 48 to pass the law for the protection of people and state, hitler could now arrest who he likes and take control of the press. ENABLING ACT: march 1933 election- hitler had 44%, he needed 66%, hitler had the communists arrested and the centre party and nationalist party had a coalition with the Nazis = gave him 52%. on election day SA forbid opposition voters through to the polls, many social demorcrats did not turn up. the enabling act was passed 444:94 - the Reichstag had voted itself out of existence. in july 1933 political parties are banned & the law against the formation of new parties


rise to dictator: terror

1925 SS, night of long knives = elimination of SA. death head units/ cc camps/ death camps/ block wardens/ informers/ gestapo


rise to dictator: propaganda

culture/ art/radio/newspapers/cinemas/books/rallies/1936 berlin olympics


rise to dictator: control over life



what was autarky

self sufficient


what was RAD

a national labour service, they gave men jobs in building roads, hospitals, schools etc. they lived in camps and received little money


which organisation took the place of trade unions

the german labour front


explain the KDF

set up leisure activities and was very popular with the workers, the purpose was to keep the workers happy. they provided cheap holidays, ocean cruises and walking holidays


what happened to the richer jews

they left the country


how did jewish businesses suffer

a boycott was ordered in 1933, 1934- jewish shops had to be marked with a star of david


explain the Nuremburg laws

passed in 1935, the jews lost their rights to be citizens , marriage between jews and non jews were forbidden.


define Kristallnacht, what did this entail

the night of they broken glass, 10,000shops run by jews were destroyed, homes and synagogues were set on fire, the jewish community was fined and ordered to pay money to fix the damage caused


in Kristallnacht, how many jews died and how many went to concentration camps

100 died, 20,000 sent concentration camps


what happened to tramps and beggars under Nuremburg laws

they were arrested and forced into labour


when did compulsory sterilisation begin, explain it

1933, for people with: disabilities/deformatities/mental health problems/ physical health problems/ deression/ alcoholism....


by 1937 how many sterilisations had occured



describe the T4 program, what did this lead to

top secret plan to kill disabled children this then expanded to adults who were seen to have an illness, it killed 70,000

led to the action programme, killing continued and by 1945 280,000 had died.


why were the Nazis able to control opposition efficiently?

through arrests, the courts ( that were under oath to hitler), and punishment


name a quote by heinrich Himmler about terror

'the best political weapon is the weapon of terror, we do not ask for their love, only their fear'


name some of the groups/ people who opposed hitler

edelweiss pirates/ kreisau circle/ martin niemoller