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priority setting

ability to use nursing judgement when making decisions about the rank order in which nursing actions should be taken


priority-based clinical judgements

-Which client should I see first?
-Which interventions should I provide now and which can be done later?
-What can or should be delegated to other personnel so I have time to perform tasks that their scope of practice does not allow them to do?
-Are there legal consequences if I postpone or do not complete a task?


sources of data establish priorities

-shift report
-communications with staff and other members of the interdisciplinary team
-review of documents
-client assessment data
-concerns verbalized by client or client's representative


priority setting frameworks

-Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
*love and belonging
*safety and security


nursing process

-assessment/data collection





safety and risk reduction

-risk assessment
*safety risk to client
*greatest risk to client
*significance of risk compared to other risks


tools to help set priorities

-develop a schedule that outlines the care that the client will need
-determine what interventions must be done
*according to a specified time
*before the end of the shift
-delegate tasks to assistive personnel when time is compromised
-use a priority setting framework to help make client care decisions


time management skills

-estimate time needed for various activities
-group activities together
-mentally visualize procedure when obtaining needed equipment
-document client care as it is given
-enlist the aid of other staff when needed
-complete more difficult tasks early on
-say "no" when asked for help if time is already compromised
-avoid socializing with other students/staff when not on break


advanced priority setting

-know the job description of various levels of nurses
-use the five rights of delegation
-assign tasks/clients to proper level of nurse
-thoroughly assess clients at the beginning of the shift
-use assertive communication skills
-use critical thinking when making clinical judgements
-reprioritize on an ongoing basis