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What is the definition of radiculopathy?

The disease of spinal nerve roots, where the pain follows distribution of one or more roots and the pain is due to pressure, inflammation or other irritantions of the nerve root.


What is a common site for radiculopathy? What is an uncommon site for radiculopathy?

common = Lumbar spine
uncommon = thoracic spine


What are the etiologies of radiculopathy?

- Ruptured or herniated disk
- Bone or cord tumors
- Bone Spurs
- Spinal stenosis - lateral and/or central
- Infection and inflammation
- Systemic disease (like diabetes mellitus)


What are common symptoms of lumbar radiculopathy?

- Low Back Pain
- Lower extremity muscle weakness and spasm
- Paresthesias
- Lumbar scoliosis (due to muscle spasm)


Although 40% of patients show some stage of disk herniation, what percentage require surgery?



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