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Is latin used?

Latin is retained for certain parts of prescription (e.g. Rx ,Sig.) Mostly used as a tradition.


What are the parts of the prescription:

•Heading • Superscription • Inscription • Subscription • Signature • Veterinarians own signature • Repeat information


The most important parts of the heading:

-name and address of the practitioner (Heading 1) optional other information: consulting hours, logo

- Date 

-the name and the address of the owner (Heading 2)

- food producing animals: species, name/ID number (Heading 2) Indicate age if it is neccessary (calves) and quantity. 



what should be in the inscription?


- Authorised: name, dosage form and the strength of medicine

- Official/Prepared: list of the ingredients and their amounts

-Ingredients - if it is made

-major ingredient/active substances should be written first, excipients should be written later (color, stabilizers, dilution)




What are the parts of the subscription?

The subscription are describing the: how, the inscription describes the what.

-Information for the pharmacist
- what to prepare from the ingredients, and how to dispense (strength is important, if strength is not indicated the smallest % will be used and indicate the form of the product)
- package size and original package quantity

Official or Prepared: (e.g. Amoxicillin tablets BP, ZnO suspension)

e.g.: „Send 10 tablets in a suitable package.”

e.g.: „ Prepare a suspension and send 100 ml in a suitable package.”

Authorised: (e.g. Synulox 50 mg tablets)

e.g.: „Send 1 original package, 10 tablets.”

„Send 2 original packages, 10 tablets each.”


What is very important for the vet to write and indicate at the end of the prescription if neccessary?

-Information for owner about the application of the drug e.g.: „ Give 2 tablets to dog daily for 10 days.”

-„This animal is under my care. (These animals are…)” „For animal treatment only.” 

-„This prescription is written under the drug cascade.”

-„Withdrawal period: edible tissues…days, milk…days, eggs…days, (fish: … degree days).”

-Other: „For external/topical use only.” „Shake well before use.” „Keep out of reach of children”


Which records should be kept?

1. All veterinary treatments

2. Every product intended for use in food-producing animals, where withdrawal period must be observed

Not necessary: homeopathic medicine (at least 1:1.000.000)


Records should include:
-precise identity of the medicinal product (including batch No.)
-dosage administered, duration of treatment
-name and address of farmer - name and address of veterinarian
- withdrawal period!
-Records should be made within 48 hours of the transaction and kept for a period of at least 5 years. 3. Controlled drugs (see later)


Classify the controlled drugs:

1-5 Schedules – high potential for abuse and the potential to create severe psychological and/or physical dependence 1 to 5 (decreasing order)

-Schedule 1
Examples: cannabis, the amphetamines, hallucinogenic drugs e.g. LSD

-Schedule 2 Examples: morphine, etorphine, fentanyl, pethidine, methadone, ketamine

-Schedule 3 Examples: buprenorphine, pentobarbital, phenobarbital

-Schedule 4 Examples: benzodiazepines e.g. diazepam

-Schedule 5 Certain preparations of morphine, cocaine and codeine that contain less than a specified amount of the drug


What should you include in the written requistion of controlled drugs?

- required for S2 and S3 CD-s

The followings must be included:
-The name, qualification and address of practitioner
-The date
-The purpose for which the drug is required
-The quality and quantity of the product
-Veterinarian’s own signature and qualification

- If the drug is not collected personally, an additional authorization must be included

- In emergency situation, controlled drugs may be supplied to a practitioner without a requisition -if the vet assumes an obligation to send a signed requisition within the following 24 hours


How should the register of controlled drugs be recorded?

The register must:
-be either a computerised system or a bound book
-be separated into each class of drug
-have a separate page for each strength and form of that drug, with this recorded at the top of each page
-have the entries in chronological order
-have the entries made in ink or in a computerised form in which every entry can be audited

-not have cancellations or alterations

-corrections: made by a signed and dated entry in the margin or at the bottom of the page • be available for inspection at any time

-be kept for a minimum of two years

- running balance is recommended!!


How i the controlled drugs kept safe?

-Schedule 2 + buprenorphine
They must be kept in a suitable locked receptacle, if in transport: locked car + additional locked unit. Locked receptacle can only be opened by a veterinarian/authorized person . One key to the receptacle to be kept at the auth.p.  Only the minimum quantity of CD-s should be stored.


Validity of prescriptions of CDs:

-all details except the signature can be computer-generated (signature makes all prescrptions valid)

-Prescriptions for Schedule 2, 3 and 4 CDs are only valid for 28 days

- Prescriptions for Schedule 5 CDs are valid for 6 months

-Schedule 2 and 3 CDs cannot be prescribed on repeat dispensing prescriptions