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What are the three different drug names

  1.  chemical name
  2. approved name
  3. licensed, brand, trade or properietary name


What is the use of the chemical name on prescriptions?

Rarely used


What is the use of the approved name in prescriptions and give examples that describes what approved name is

it is used for prescribing official and prepared medicines


ex. British approved names (BAN)

United states approved names (USAN)

international non-proprietary names (rINN)


What is the use of licensed, brand, trade or proprietary name?

used for prescribing authorised medicines


Who gives the approved names?

Pharmacopoeia comission


Who gives the licensed, bran, trade or proprietary name?

manufacturers, can differ from the chemical name


Schedule 2 +3 drugs

How should it be written?

should be written indelible and the signature must be in ink or electronic


schedule 2 and 3 drugs

list 7 points of information that must be included in the prescription

  • Name and address of the owner
  • date on which the prescription was signes
  • name, form and strength of the preparation
  • total quantity of the number of dosage units in both words and figures
  • dose to be administered
  • prescriber's signature, qualification and RCVS registration number
  • animal or herd under the vet's care


Schdule 2+3 drugs

What are the rules concerning the signature

For how long is the prescription valid

and the rules about repeats

Signature: no latinisation or abbreviation

The prescription is valid for 28 days

Repeat presriptions are not permitted


What must the label include of dispensed veterinary medicines

  • name + address of the owner and veterinarian
  • date of dispensing
  • "for external use only" if only for topical use
  • the relecant withdrawal period
  • for what animals it should not be given too, due to drugs: aspirin
  • "for animal treatment only" unless the container or package is too small
  • "keep out of reach for children"


What is MFS?

medicated feeding stuff prescriptions


Who does the regulation of MFS apply to?

anyone who incorporates a medicated product of any description in an animal feeding stuff


Who does the MFS not affect?

companion animal owner administering a medical product mixed in the feed


farmer "top dressing" feed or medicating via the drinking water


What does the regulations (MFS) require from the manufacturers and distributors who adds medicines to feed?

it requires them to register with the royal pharmaceutical society of great britain (RPSGB) 


the Department of Agriculture and Rural development for Northern Ireland (DARD for NI)


How many copies of MFS prescriptions are required?

Three copies

The compounder

the farmer

the veterinarian


How long is a MFS prescription valid?

3 months or shorter if indicated in the prescription


When and by who can medicines be incorporated into the feed?

by an appropriately registered person, if the product has a relevant product license or and animal test certificate


All the MFS should follow a specified format, what is needed?

  • the name and address of the person prescribing the product
  • the qualifications enabling the person to prescribe the product
  • the anem and address of the keeper of the animals to be treated
  • the species of animal, identification and muber of the animals
  • the premises at which the animal is kept if this is different from the address of the keeper
  • the date of the prescription
  • the signature or other authentication of the person prescribing the product
  • the name and amount of the product prescribed
  • the dosage and administration instructions
  • any necessary warnings
  • WP
  • the manufacturer or the distributor of the feedingstuffs
  • if the validity exceeds one month, a statement that not more than 31 days' supply may be provided at any time
  • the name, type and quantity of feedingstuff to be used
  • the inclusion rate of the veterinary medicinal product and the resulting inclusion rate of the active substance
  • any special instructions
  • the percentage of the prescribed feedingsstuffs to be added to the daily ration
  • if it is prescribed under the cascade, a statement to that effect


What is meant when the dosage is divided?

the average of one dose is put into one unit (capsule)


What is meant when the dose is non-divided

one unit, the dosage is often a tablespoon or a handfull


What is needed in powders for external use?

the active substance: antibiotics, antiseptic


a binder: talcum, zinc oxide


What are the categories for powders for internal use?

  • water soulble powder
  • powder for in-feed use
  • powder for oral solution and suspension
  • for direct administration


What is the composition of powders for internal use?

Active substance

binder: lactose, sorbit, glucose, bran flour, cereal flour, starch, rice


What is meant by dividation?

divide in dose aequales No

less precise, quicker


What is meant by dispensation

dentur tales doses No

more precise, slower


What is the usage of granules?

Farm animals: mixed in feed or drinking water

Small animlas, human: for solution or mixed in feed


What is the composition of granules?

active substance

Binder: saccharose, lactose

Adhesive: purified water, ethanol, methylcellulose

Coating: if needed


What are the advantages of granules?

either the release can be quick, with fast decomposition


later release with a drug of another peak concentration, which will not decompose for hours after dosing


less frequent readministration


What is a medicated premix used for?

it is used for preparing medicated feeding stuff


What are some feed supplements?

microelements, vitamins, prebiotic