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When body cavity searches are needed, Corrections Officers will transport the individual to be searched to _____where medical personnel will conduct the search.

University of Florida Health (UF Health)


Supervisors shall approve all Arrest and Booking Reports (exceptions: 5 ).

shoplifting with no other criminal charges
court orders
public intoxicants with no other criminal charges


It is the responsibility of _____ to ensure that the report is accurate and legible and that the elements of the offense are clearly cited in the report's affidavit;

the supervisor


If there can be no determination of a crime, the credit card shall be taken to the Property Room and documented in which report?

docket or general or ARMS etc.


All foreign nationals arrested or detained have the right under international law VCCR to contact and communicate with _____ or _____

their country’s consular officials (at either the embassy of that country in Washington, D.C. or at one of that country’s consulates in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere in the US)


The VCCR and some international treaties obligate U.S. Law Enforcement: (4)
(1) ____ the foreign national about his right to have their consular officials notified of their arrest or detention;
(2) If the foreign national wishes, to notify _____ of their arrest or detention;
(3) To notify the appropriate consular officials of every such arrest or detention, _______ A list of countries which require notification of the arrest or detention of that country’s citizens is listed under Appendix B; or
(4) The arresting officer should determine whether the foreign national requests notification or whether mandatory notification should be made prior to reaching the PDF. The VCCR requires notification be made _____. If the foreign national will be detained for a lengthy period of time prior to being booked or released, the arresting officer should contact _______ to make appropriate notifications.

To inform
the appropriate consular officials
without regard to the foreign national’s wishes.
without delay
the PDF Watch Commander


Arrest of foreign nationals the arresting officer shall ensure that _______ is informed of the arrest;

the PDF Watch Commander


When the foreign national has been booked or absentee booked into the PDF, ________ shall implement procedures for notification per the PDF Standard Operating Procedure.

the PDF Watch Commander


An officer handling a situation involving the possible arrest of an individual who is receiving or about to receive medical care in a local hospital or medical facility of any kind, other than UF Health Jacksonville, shall obtain the approval of either _____ or _____

the Director of Patrol and Enforcement
the Director of Homeland Security and Investigations
via the officer’s chain of command, before making the arrest.


When the arrestee requires the placement of a contract security guard, the arresting officer will notify _____ so a guard can be furnished. The arresting officer will remain with the arrestee until _____

the PDF Watch Commander
relieved by the contract security guard.


When relieved by the contract security guard service personnel, the arresting officer will note _____, _____ and contact _____ to forward this information.

the time,
the guard's name
the PDF Watch Commander


_____ will be responsible for obtaining the complete fingerprints of all arrestees admitted to a hospital and absentee booked.

The PDF Watch Commanders


All pre-planned arrests (e.g., warrants, capias, writs, etc.) by non-courthouse personnel (e.g., Patrol, Detective, Special Units, etc.) to be effected inside the Duval County Courthouse shall be coordinated through _______, by calling (904) 255-1710, Room 5133;

the Courthouse Security Control Office


Pre-Planned arrest inside the Duval County Courthouse _______ will accompany the officer to effect the arrest and assign other personnel as necessary;

A Courthouse Security Sergeant or above


Pre-Planned arrest inside the Duval County Courthouse in the event the arrestee has a pending court case, the presiding Judge shall be notified by _____;

Courthouse Security Personnel


Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 985.101 provides that a juvenile may be taken into custody under the following circumstances: (4)

a. Pursuant to an order of the Circuit Court;
b. For a delinquent act or violation of law pursuant to Florida law pertaining to a lawful arrest:
c. For failing to appear at a court hearing after being properly noticed; or
d. When there is probable cause to believe that the child is in violation of the conditions of the child's probation, home detention, post-community probation, conditional release supervision, has absconded from non-residential commitment, or escaped from residential commitment.


_____ or _____ means a violation of any law of this state, the United States, or any other state which is a misdemeanor or a felony or a violation of a county or municipal ordinance which would be punishable by incarceration if the violation were committed by an adult.

“Violation of law” or “delinquent act”


A child alleged to have committed a delinquent act or violation of law may not be arrested and placed into secure, non-secure, or home detention care for any of the following reasons (for incidents related to Truancy, see Section K of this order): (4)

a. To allow a parent to avoid his legal responsibility;
b. To permit more convenient administrative access to the child;
c. To facilitate further interviews or investigation; or
d. Due to a lack of more appropriate facilities.


All juveniles arrested will be handcuffed unless _____.

authorized by a supervisor


Juveniles under arrest may be transported with adult prisoners or members of the opposite sex _______

only if they were arrested during the same incident.


All juveniles under the age of ___ being transported will be restrained by a safety belt or child restraint device.



In accordance with F.S.S. 985.101, when will the officer attempt to notify the parents, guardian or legal custodian of the juvenile upon ______ and shall continue to attempt notification until _____

taking a juvenile into custody successful
the juvenile is delivered to juvenile authorities


can a statement of a juvenile be admissible even if the parent is not notified?



is it required that the officer await the arrival of the parent prior to beginning the interrogation?



Failure to stop the questioning after a parent or guardian requests to see the child may result in _____

the suppression of the statement;


A juvenile will be arrested as an adult only _____ and _____

if they have been certified as an adult by the court
only if the offense for which the juvenile is being arrested was committed after the juvenile has been certified as an adult;


If the arresting/transporting officer observes any indications of physical injury or illness, the juvenile shall be taken to _____ for emergency care unless rescue is needed.

the nearest available hospital


If the hospital refuses the juvenile, and the juvenile has indications of a mental illness, the arresting officer shall transport the juvenile to the _____ or _____.

Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC) at 3333 W. 20th St. or Riverpoint Behavioral Health, 6300
Beach Blvd.


the hospital refuses the juvenile, and the juvenile is intoxicated with drugs and/or alcohol, the arresting officer shall transport the juvenile to _____

“New Beginnings Detoxification Center” at 555 Stockton Street.


The officer shall obtain _____ prior to transporting the juvenile to “New Beginnings Detoxification Center” if the juvenile has been in a crash or has observable signs of physical injury.

a medical clearance (discharge paperwork noting that the juvenile has been medically cleared) from the hospital


Officers who have juveniles who are non-U.S. citizens shall advise the Corrections Officer to initiate _____

the consular notification procedure;


Per F.S.S. 985.101, if the juvenile committed an act or violation of law which would be a felony if committed by an adult or involves a crime of violence, the arresting officer shall route a copy of the General Offense/ Incident Report to _____. If no General Offense/Incident Report was completed (e.g., on-view arrest, “victimless crime,” felony narcotics arrest, etc.), the arresting officer shall route this report also to _____

the School Board
the school board.


Felony cases involving juvenile offenders will be filed with the Juvenile State Attorney at 311 W. Monroe St, in the same manner as adult felony cases:
a. Officers will file within _____ or _____

24 hours if working the next day
120 hours if not.


If a juvenile is arrested with an adult co-defendant, the officers shall bring all of the juvenile’s case paperwork with the adult co-defendant’s paperwork, and file them at the same time in _____.

the adult circuit division


If a juvenile has been arrested who requires medical treatment, officers shall transport the juvenile to _____ for treatment (unless Rescue is needed) prior to transporting to the Juvenile Processing area of the PDF.

the nearest hospital


Per F.S.S. 397.6772(2), law enforcement officers must notify the parents or the nearest relative of the juveniles being placed in juvenile detox. Officers will affirm parental notification on _____, or if unable to notify the parents, will request that _____ sign a parental notification release. This release will allow “New Beginnings Detoxification Center” to make the required notification.

the detox intake form,
the juvenile


If the juvenile has criminal charges as well as meeting the criteria for involuntary admission as stated above, the officer will transport the juvenile to _______

the PDF for processing prior to admitting the juvenile to “New Beginnings Detoxification Center.”


_____ has original and exclusive jurisdiction over any child who commits a criminal offense.

Juvenile (Circuit) Court


Juveniles charged with major felonies may be tried as adults in adult court upon adjudication by a judge. If the juvenile is ______ or older the SAO has the discretion to charge the juvenile as an adult.

16 years of age


In some cases the SAO has the discretion to charge a _____ old juvenile as an adult. The adult court judge has the authority to sentence the juvenile as either an adult or juvenile.

14 or 15 year


Prosecution of a 16 or 17 year old as an adult is, in most cases, mandatory if the juvenile has committed _____ and _____ during the commission of that crime.

a violent crime
used a firearm or destructive device


Whenever a disagreement exists between the officer and the Intake Officer over whether or not a juvenile requires detention or placement, the officer shall notify _____ for a final decision.

the “on call” State Attorney


Juvenile Arrest and Intake Reports, General Offense/Incident Reports, Supplemental Reports, fingerprints, and photographs regarding juveniles are CONFIDENTIAL and are released only to members of law enforcement agencies and the Juvenile Court System, with the following exceptions: (3)

a. Juvenile traffic violations;
b. Photographs of juveniles to be used for the express purpose of compiling a “photo spread” in conjunction with a lawful investigation (ref. F.S.S. 985.11(b)(13); and
c. The name, address, photograph, and crime and arrest report of a juvenile arrested for a felony, or found by a court to have committed three or more misdemeanors.


When an arrest is made or a warrant is served for the following crimes, a detective will be notified so that the suspect can be interviewed before being placed in the PDF: (12)

a. Robbery;
b. Homicide;
c. Residential and/or Business Burglary
(1) The only exceptions are cases in which the suspect
lived at the victim’s residence previously or the
incident is domestic related.
(2) If the burglary occurs to Duval County Public
School Board Property on weekdays, Monday –
Friday between the hours of 0700 – 1600, or 0001 –
0659 seven days a week, a School Board Investigator
will be contacted; otherwise a Burglary Detective will
be contacted.
d. Sexual battery;
e. All other sexually related crimes;
f. Actual cases of abduction/kidnapping not resulting
from a domestic dispute or quarrel;
g. Forgery, Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Schemes
to Defraud & Con Games/Flimflams;
h. Drug arrests involving trafficking amounts of a
controlled substance (F.S.S. 893.135) whether or not a
vehicle is involved;
i. Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries or death
(F.S.S. 316. 027)(Felony);
j. Arson (State Fire Marshal Arson Detective); or
k. Any non-life threatening Aggravated Battery,
Aggravated Assault incidents (including domestic
violence) where a firearm is discharged at an
individual and Shooting into an Occupied
l. Auto Burglary.
m. Auto Theft


when will a burglary detective not be called out: (2)

1) The only exceptions are cases in which the suspect
lived at the victim’s residence previously or the
incident is domestic related.
2) If the burglary occurs to Duval County Public
School Board Property on weekdays, Monday –
Friday between the hours of 0700 – 1600, or 0001 –
0659 seven days a week, a School Board
will be contacted; otherwise a Burglary Detective will
be contacted.


In cases involving counterfeit money and an arrest being made, the suspect should be
interviewed by _______prior to being booked into the PDF. Officers shall contact them through the Investigative Police Emergency Communications
Officer (PECO) (seven days a week, 24 hours a day).

the U.S. Secret Service ;


When a suspect is transported to the PMB for the purpose of being interviewed by a detective, the transporting officer may be requested to remain with the suspect for security reasons. Examples of situations which may dictate that the officer remains with the suspect include but are not limited to: (2)

a. An arrest involving multiple prisoners; or
b. The arrest occurs on the evening or midnight shift, and the detective is alone in the office.


When a vehicle is impounded with a hold for investigations, _____ must approve the hold. _____ is responsible for determining if a detective is needed at the scene.

a supervisor
The supervisor approving the hold


A hold will not be placed on a vehicle unless a detective is conducting a follow-up investigation of the offense, except in the case of _____ and _____

Hit and Run
vehicle forfeiture.