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Identify 2 benefits of the use of cutting fluids in machining

improves tool life
improves surface finish
flushes away chips from the cutting zone


describe the function of a dividing head on a milling machine

to equally space the amount of groves to be cut into a work piece


explain the term tolerance in engineering measurement systems

the difference between the maximum limit of size and the minimum limit of size


Describe the main features that influence metal surface finish when parallel turning on the lathe

machine speed
tool feed
machine condition
type of metal being cut


state one advantage an done disadvantage of using magnetic chucks on a grinding machine

advantage: quick clamping, firm grip, can deal with large and unusual work piece shapes

disadvantage: metal needs to be magnetic, work piece must have a flat surface, must be able to make good contact with chuck


Outline 2 reasons why lubrication is important in machining processes

reduces wear and noise
minimizes the generation heat
allows metals to slide across each other without damage


identify two lubricating materials commonly used in engineering machines



Outline, with the aid of diagrams, the essential differences between the machining terms in each of the following:

(i) Loading and grazing of grinding wheels

Loading is when particles of the work piece get stuck in the space between abrasive grains

Glazing is when the grinding wheel gets a shiny appearance as the abrasive particles have lost their edge


Outline, with the aid of diagrams, the essential differences between the machining terms in each of the following:

(ii) Forming and generating on the lathe

Forming: When the surface is a copy of the tool using it

Generating: Moves the tool in various directions until the required surface is machined


Industrial engineering was one of the earliest areas to use computer technology. Describe any use of computer technology in each of the following areas:

(i) Research
(ii) Product Design
(iii) Production Techniques

Research: Use of the internet to gather information and to seek expertise

Product Design: Computer Aided Design (CAD) allows you to produce realistic drawings and manipulate 3D models e.g. Solidworks

Production Techniques: Use of CNC machining to mass produce objects efficiently