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A hormone produced from the kidney in response to low blood oxygen saturation and then when released



Important immune system components

Different types and functions but come from the same proginy

Escape from the blood into the tissues
- police headquarters to the neighborhood

Agranulocytes still haven’t granules they are just harder to see



Comes from a megalery

Have granules that all them to release them at certain conditions and it becomes like sticky to block off to save the blood from leaving
The sticky platelets bind to any collagen

Only 10 day life cycle because they are only fragments of ceellls so they don’t have organelle to help them


Blood flow

Arteries carry blood away
Veins carry blood to

Remember systemic vasoconstriction = body blood pressure goes up
Localized vasoconstriction = body blood pressure doesn’t change just the localized area



Serous membrane = completely closed double walled
- pericardium has visceral paricaedoum and parietal laracaedium with paracasrqdoim fluids in between

Gap junctions are proteins that cause cytoplasmic conmectivemenes (share ions depolarization or hyperpolarixafion ect)

Tropinjn is in the blood during a heart attack cuz it should never be in the blood so it shows somethings damaged

- part of the intercalated disk holding the cells together


Capillaries key detail structure

1 cell layer thick

What forms the capillary
- endothelial cells and form the entire capillary


Myocardial arrangement

Uninucleate cells
Multiple mitochondria - energy!
Lots of myoglobin to hold residual oxygen for ATP production
Intercalated disks to hold the fibres (cells) together with desmosomes and have gap junctions to allow cell communication and cytoplasmic connection

Striated = sarcomere is arranged off thick and thin filaments


The heart chambers

Intraventicar septum

Thicker on left side because you pump against greater resistance and greater area

Right side is only going to the lungs so not as much muscle

The more resistance the more the heart pumps
The more muscle you build which could be detrimental