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- away from the heart
- mostly oxygenated blood except for pulmonary arteries
- higher pressure fluid; pressure gradient with forward momentum
- muscular walls to regulate flow that are elastic

- towards the heart
- mostly deoxygenated
- lower pressure then arteries; no pressure gradient, and moves by normal muscle movement (one direction movement with valves)
- not muscular or elastic

- site of nutrient/waste exchange
- lose a lot of high pressure because it is a very small area with so many capillaries
- draining mechanism


Hydrostatic pressure

Pressure exerted by fluid

Arteries to capillaries have high hydrostatic pressure


Oncotic pressure within capillaries

Not much fluid in the capillaries and leaves you with much more concentrated blood leaving the capillaries

Oncotic Pressure
High pressure exerted by proteins
And because of this new high concentration after the capillaries then fluid wants to come back in; you don’t gain it all back up and the excess fluid who doesn’t come back in gets picked up at the lymphatic system


Lymphatic system

Structurally and functionally like veins
Brings excess fluid that came out at the capillaries to bring it back to the heart

Lymph nodes
- immune cell pockets