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A geographic location which can be determined by either visual reference to the ground, or by means of radio aids or other navigation devices.


Select the altitude filters that include, as a minimum, the following limits.

1) the altitudes normally within the jurisdiction of your sector.
2) the first useable altitude in any vertically adjoining airspace under the jurisdiction of another controller, plus 200' beyond that altitude.
3)If the boundary better vertically adjoined sectors is in RVSM airspace, 2,000' plus 200'.


What 4 items are included in the Martin Sector Binder?

1) SOM Specialty Operations Manual
2) Agreement Martin ACC- Minneapolis ARTCC
3) Arrangement Martin ACC- Sandy Control Tower
4) Strip Writing Manual


Unit Fundamentals
Comply With:

1) Unit Procedures
2) Operations Directives
3) Agreements
4) Arrangements



An administrative or operational accord between Nav Canada and one or more of side parties regarding the provision of Air Traffic Services.



An administrative or operational accord between Nav Canada Units regarding the provision of Air Traffic Services.


Unit Managers shall ensure copies of _______________ are available and accessible to all ________________.

current Agreements and Arrangements

unit personnel concerned



A notice distributed by means of telecommunication containing information concerning the establishment, condition, or changing in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with Flight Operations.


Managers shall ensure Agreements and Arrangements are established when it is necessary to:

1) set it responsibilities for the provision of ATS
2) delegate responsibility for airspace or define conditions for it's use
3) detail coordination requirements or establish procedures for standard operating practices that supplement the basic requirements as published in MATS or other directives.
4) define procedures for other operational reasons offering a benefit to Nav Canada Units or outside parties.


What resources have information about Class F airspace?

All class F airspace is defined in the Designated Airspace Handbook and is published on Aeronautical charts. Restricted airspace may also be designated by NOTAM to ensure safety of flight during situations such as forest fires, well fires, or natural disaster.