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an automated or manual function that matches at surveillance data with flight plan data



Distance Measuring Equipment
Airborne or ground equipment used to measure the slant range distance from a DME NAVAID in nautical miles


If you initiate vectoring, inform the pilot of the following:

the purpose for the vectors and/or the point to which the aircraft is being vectored.



The process of transferring the identification of an aircraft and radio communications for that aircraft to another sector or unit.


Use surveillance control procedures in preference to a non-surveillance control procedure unless...

you or the pilot gain an operational advantage.


If identification becomes doubtful or lost, immediately do either of the following:

1) Identify or re-identify the aircraft using the same technique more than once or use more than one of the techniques provided in Identification Methods.
2) Terminate surveillance service and provide non-surveillance separation.


Identification may be doubtful due to:

1) The position or movement of other aircraft.
2) The observation of more than one aircraft responding to an identification instruction
3) Temporary loss of the PPS
4) Coasting of PPS
5) Merging of PPS
6) Ambiguous PPS
7) Display clutter
8) Other circumstances


Consider identification to be lost if a correlated PPS ceases to be displayed after 'CST' is displayed in it's data tag, unless either of the following applies:

1) you are able to maintain identification of an uncorrelated PPS being displayed for the aircraft
2) the PPS re-correlates within a sufficiently short period such that, considering the progress of the aircraft, you have no doubt about it's identitiy


if an aircraft will enter another sector or unit's airspace, initiate a hand off if any of the following apply:

1) You are applying surveillance separation between the concerned aircraft and another aircraft that was, is, or will be transferred.
2) Surveillance separation is normally applied in the receiving controller's airspace.
3) Handoffs are specified as a standard procedure in an agreement, Arrangement, or unit directive.


A handoff shall not be initiated less than...

10NM or 2000ft vertically prior to the common boundary.


When receiving an automated handoff, you may consider that an aircraft is identified, provided both of the following apply:

1) You observe a PPS with the blinking data tag.
2) the geographical position and the aircraft identification in the data tag are appropriate for an aircraft that you expect to be handed off.


Do an automated handoff, unless either of the following applies:

1) you're handing off and uncorrelated PPS.
2) a system malfunction or deficiency makes it impractical.