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When measuring the eye for eyebrow shaping, state how the highest point should be determined?

A line from the middle of the brow


What eyebrow shape would help to offset the appearance of a diamond face shape?

Tapered brow of medium thickness


State how to remove eyebrow hairs effectively.

Brush brows, check shape, keep skin taut, pull quickly in direction of growth


4. State the recommended time intervals between the following treatments.
A) Eyebrow shaping
B) Eyelash tinting

A) 2- 4 weeks B) 4 - 6 weeks


State how the brow may be soothed during shaping treatments.

By applying soothing/cooling product on damp cotton wool


State the effects of soothing products on the eyebrow region.

Cools, closes pores, reduces redness and swelling


State how lash tint should be applied to the lashes.

Eyes closed, from root to tip


State how the colour characteristics of the client effects the timing of the tinting process.

White hair needs longer time
Red hair needs twice as much development time


State the factors that must be considered when choosing the colour of an eyelash tint.

b) Clients hair and lash colourings


State when the tint should be mixed.

Immediately before


State how oxidation affects the shelf life of tint.

It looses strength and ability to colour after a period of time


State the effect of grease on the success of the tinting process

It acts as a barrier


State how the tint can be prevented from spreading to the surrounding areas.

Use shields or barrier cream


State the limitations of the tinting process.

Can darken, not thicken hair that is present