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Who is the owner of Order 211 - Alarm Calls?

Chief of Patrol


If a broadcast verifying that the situation is under control is not made by the Police Emergency
Communications Officer (PECO) or within a few minutes after arrival by the on-scene
officer(s), ________

the PECO shall attempt to telephone the owner/representative of the business.


If the robbery alarm was legitimate and a business is equipped with a surveillance camera(s), a
Robbery detective will be requested by _______.

a supervisor


Burglary Alarms: If the canine unit has been called to respond, officers _______.

shall refrain from entering the business


Medical/Panic alarms are handled _______

in the same manner as silent alarms


Medical/Panic Alarms: The officer assigned the call will _______.

note in the comment section of the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) screen whether the alarm was a medical or panic type


Vehicle panic alarms shall be handled _______.

in the same manner as silent alarms


Can vehicle panic alarms result in an alarm citation?

No, Vehicle alarms are not covered by ordinance


what is an AWARE alarm?

Abused Women's Active Response Emergency (AWARE) Alarms


Who is given an AWARE alarm?

Women who have an Injunction for Protection against their abusers and who are considered to be in imminent danger


In the event officers receive an AWARE alarm, they should realize that _______.

they are responding to a call where the potential for violence exists.


Response to an AWARE alarm is what Priority?



In the event an officer responds to an AWARE alarm which is a false alarm, the officer will _______.

note in the comments section of the CAD screen that the alarm was an “AWARE” type alarm.


Unless cancelled by HQ before arriving at the scene, officers shall utilize check back _____ or _____ for all false alarms.

Code R or Code S


Officers should not change the signal on a false alarm call to "Premises Examination" unless approved by _______. _______must be entered in the comment section of the Mobile Digital Computer (MDC) screen.

a supervisor; The approving supervisor’s initials, last name, and ID #


On audible alarms, officers shall request the NCIC PECO via radio talk group channel A-7 to call the owner/agent or the alarm company. Once notified, the owner or agent is required to respond _______.

within 30 minutes


Alarm companies are required to notify the Communications Center (with information about the
person responding to the location) within _______ of the alarm. If the PECO does not advise that someone is en route, officers should check back in service. Officers may be required to return and assist the owner or agent to check the building.

ten minutes


Should officers convey or request that information indicating the premises is secure to be relayed to an alarm company, the owner or agent?



Alarm calls: If the owner does not arrive within 30 minutes, Officers shall enter ________ in the comments sections of MDC screen.

(MO) 168.105(c): Failure of representative to respond within 30 minutes