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Give the features of the cell wall.

  • Made of cellulose
  • Freely permeable
  • Cell contents press against cell wall giving turgor pressure


List the  specialist organelles present in plant cells.




Give the features of the vacuole.

  • Membrane (called tonoplast) lined sac
  • Contains cell sap Permanent within plant cells (transient (temporary) in animal cells).
  • Tonoplast is selectively permeable.


Give the features of chlorplast

  • Responsible for photosynthesis
  • Found in green parts of plants (leaves, stem not roots)
  • Double membrane (like in mitochondria)
  • Chloroplasts manufacture their own proteins as they have DNA and ribosomes


What is the structure of a chloropolast?

Internal membrane network - flattened sacs called thylakoids - Several stacked thylakoids make up a granum. - Grana contains chlorophyll (site of photosynthesis) - Starch grains float in stroma (fluid inside chloroplast) - Starch produced by photosynthesis exists in starch grains - Internal chloroplast membrane has large SA, needed for enzymes proteins & pigment molecules for phootosynthesis.