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What are the general structural features of prokaryotes?

  • No nucleus or membrane-bound organelles
  • Small 18nm ribosomes
  • No histones, just a single loop fo DNA
  • Different to eukaryote, but has flagella
  • Unicelullar


What is the difference between DNA in a prokaryote (compared to eukaryote)?

  • DNA structure same as eukaryotes, but packaged differently
    • Prokarytoes have 1 chromosome that is supercoiled and compact
  • Genes organised into operons 
    • Meaning genes switched on or off


What are the features of ribosomes in prokaryotes?

  • Has 70s ribosomes (smaller) compared to 80s ribosomes in eukaryotes


What is the structure of a prokaryotic cell wall?

  • Mde of peptidoglycan (aka murein)
  • Polymer of amino acids and sugars


What is the difference in the structure of prokaryotic flagella compared to eukaryotic?

  • Not 9+2
  • It is thinner in prokaryotes
  • Filaments are rotated by energy from chemiosmosis (not from ATP like in eukaryotes


What is consisted within the structure of a prokaryote?

Pili on the surface of the peptidoglycan cell wall Plasma membrane 70S ribosomes Free chromosomal DNA in the nucleoid region Flagellum