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Who is the owner of Order 251 - Specialized Traffic Enforcement

Commanding Officer of Specialized Traffic
Enforcement Unit


The Specialized Traffic Enforcement Unit is comprised of _____ and _____

two Driving Under the Influence (DUI) squads and two Police Motorcycle squads.


The primary functions of the _____ are to reduce traffic fatalities through education and enforcement, resolve traffic complaints and assist with special event escorts as needed.

Police Motorcycle squads


If another officer is called to assist in making a DUI arrest, who takes custody of the suspect and complete all processing?

responding officer may take custody of the suspect and complete all processing in the same manner as if the officer had actually witnessed the offense.


In the event an arrest is made under these circumstances, the _____ shall conduct all applicable field sobriety exercises and complete the required reports.

assisting officer responding


Officers are required by F.S.S. 901.215 to examine ANY person arrested who appears intoxicated or not in control of their physical functions _______, which would account for the actions of the person (medical alert bracelet, necklace, etc.), and shall take immediate steps to aid the afflicted person in receiving medication if necessary.

for visible identification of a medical disability


Officers should conduct the FSEs _____ and _____, taking into consideration age, weight, physical limitations, and other factors, be they temporary or permanent in nature.

for which they have been trained and which are most appropriate for the circumstances


If the driver was involved in a traffic crash, advise the driver that you are ending the traffic crash investigation and beginning a criminal DUI investigation. This is called _______.

advise the driver of his/her Miranda Rights
Switching Hats


This procedure is commonly referred to as _______ and it separates the civil traffic crash investigation from the criminal DUI investigation.

“Switching Hats”


A subject's inability to perform the FSE due to a physical incapacity or high level of impairment (i.e., unable to keep balance, falling, etc.) (does/does not) constitute a refusal to perform the exercise;

does not


If the subject has proven to be _____ or if the officer reasonably believes the subject poses _____ or _____, the officer may choose not to perform certain FSE.

a flight risk,
a flight risk or an officer safety risk


Following are approved FSEs: (3)

(1) "HGN;"
(2) "Walk and Turn;"
(3) "One Leg Stand;"


In traffic crash cases where multiple vehicles are damaged, other property damaged and/or multiple individuals are injured, how many DUI charges may be made against a suspect?



Do you write a traffic crash involving a DUI under one CCR?

no. A DUI arrest requires a separate Central Communication Report (CCR) number than the traffic crash


A _____ should be written for each individual injured or each vehicle or other property damaged, even though each was the result of the same crash.

separate citation


Arresting officers shall complete all applicable portions of the DUI Citation (all sections except the_____ and _____ sections) and sign the citation in the space provided for the officer's signature.

"Suspension of Driver's License" and "Temporary License"


Juveniles DUI arrests are the same as Adult DUI arrests with the following exceptions:
a. Officers shall write _____ or _____ in the court information section of the citation for DUI and ALL other traffic violations involved in the DUI case;



Blood testing for DUI's shall be done at _____,

medical facilities


_____include hospitals, clinics, an ambulance, or emergency medical vehicle

medical facilities


If the suspect is a juvenile or is under 21 years of age and provides a breath test between .02 g/210L and .079 g/210L an officer will complete the _______

Under Age 21 Notice of Suspension packet


_____ must request that a breath test be administered and/or a urine sample be collected. This request should be noted in _____

The arresting officer
the Arrest and Booking Report.


The arresting officer shall complete all applicable portions of the Florida DUI Uniform Traffic Citation leaving the lower portion (_____, _____ and _____) blank. The arresting officer will sign his name in the appropriate space (The remainder of the citation will be completed by the_____);

BAC results, Temporary License, and defendant's signature
breath test operator


suspects involved in a traffic crash are not admitted into the breath test room without prior examination from a _____;

DOC Medical Personnel staff member


If the breath test results are greater than .08 g/210L and _____, a ten-day temporary permit is issued;

the suspect is eligible


It will be the responsibility of the _____ to review the DUI citations for completeness, accuracy, and legibility.

Implied Consent Sergeant


If the subject's BAC is below .08 g/210L and a higher level of impairment is indicated, the arresting officer will request that a _____ be obtained from the suspect for testing;

urine sample


If the suspect fails to consent to providing urine, it will be processed as a _____, even though he has already consented to and performed a breath test.

refusal to submit


If the suspect fails to consent to providing urine, it will be processed as a refusal to submit, The arresting officer can request that a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) perform a DRE evaluation on the suspect if the suspect refuses, are there any penalties?



Who will determine if a drug recognition evaluation is appropriate?

The DRE after consultation with the arresting officer


A list of qualified DRE’s will be maintained by the _____

Commanding Officer of Specialized Traffic Enforcement Unit.


_____ provides that a law enforcement officer or correctional officer shall, on behalf of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), suspend the driving privilege of a person who has been arrested by a law enforcement officer for a violation of F.S.S. 316.193, relating to blood or breath alcohol level, or of a person who has refused to submit to a breath, urine, or blood test.

F.S.S. 322.2615, "Suspension of License; Right to Review,"


Arresting officers shall complete all applicable portions of the DUI citation (all sections except the “Suspension of Driver’s License” and “Temporary License” sections) and sign the citation in the space provided for the officer’s signature. The _____ will complete the remainder of the DUI citation and issue the ten-day temporary permit, if applicable;

breath-testing operator


The Florida DUI UTC will now be completed for all DUI arrests except when the driver is transported to a medical facility, and is immediately arrested for DUI and consents to provide blood then the DUI charge is written from the _____

officer’s regular citation book (Standard UTC);


The suspect’s copy of the _____ will act as a ten-day temporary driving permit.

Florida DUI Uniform Traffic Citation


The suspect is ineligible for a ten-day temporary license if they have been issued a previous seven or thirty day driving permit after _____



A driver who has been issued a ten-day temporary permit as described above has the right to request a hearing before a DHSMV hearing officer to _____

contest the suspension.


What kind of hearing at the DHMSV requires that an officer and other witnesses be subpoenaed?

A formal hearing


Handheld (PORTABLE) Breath Testing Procedures:
F.S.S. 322.2616 makes it unlawful for a person under the age of twenty-one to have _____ or higher breath alcohol level and drive or be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle.

.02 grams per 210 liters


A violation of F.S.S. 322.2616 is not a _____ or _____ and being detained for the purpose of consenting to a breath test does not constitute an arrest. Under

traffic infraction or criminal offense


Under 21: Under the guidelines of F.S.S. 322.2616, if the breath sample yields a breath alcohol level in excess of .08, can the charge cannot be changed to F.S.S. 316.193, DUI?



If there is a backlog of zero tolerance suspects, or the officer is not equipped with a PBT, the detaining officer can _____

transport the suspect to the juvenile processing area at the PDF for breath testing.


Under no circumstances will persons detained under the guidelines of F.S.S. 322.2616 be placed _____

in a holding cell;


Once the detainee agrees to submit to the test, the police officer will, without unnecessary delay, begin the _____ observation period immediately followed by the testing procedure as outlined



Breath Tests: Obtain _____ breath samples with the portable breath-testing instrument;



Police officers will inform persons under the age of 21 that are having their driver's license suspended that they will be issued a ten-day temporary permit, but the permit will not become effective until _____have elapsed.

twelve hours


PBT instruments will be calibrated _____.

each calendar month


The police officers will deliver their assigned PBT instruments to the _____ or _____ the first week of each month in order to check the calibration of the instrument.

implied consent sergeant or the administrative implied consent officer