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The _________________________________ensures that DoD has qualified personnel to manage the acquisition of defense systems.

Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) - 1990


The ___________________streamlined and simplified many contracting procedures, and changed the face of contracting in the Federal Government

Federal Acquisition Reform Act (FARA)


The ____________now governs the acquisition of software-intensive systems within the Federal Government

Clinger-Cohen Act (CCA)


Who assists the President in the development and implementation of, Budget, Program management and Regulatory policies

Office of Management and Budget (OMB).


What are the primary 3 categories of law and policy changes implemented in the WSARA of 2009.

1. Organizational/Personnel Changes
2. Acquisition Policy & Process Changes
3. Congressional Reporting Requirements


As part of the CDD System Attributes section, key IT and software areas of information assurance must address:

• Safety
• Data accuracy
• Information protection
• Spectrum needs, among others


What are the three Acquisition Program Categories and recognize that they are based on cost, criticality and program type.

• Automated Information System (AIS)
• Major Automated Information System (MAIS)
• Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP)


The three Acquisition Program Categories are based on_____, ______and_____.

• Cost
• Criticality
• program type


DoD policies require that an open-systems approach be followed for all system elements. True or False



Why is the development of an Information Assurance Strategy important to IT acquisition.

It is required by regulation


Who requires that a Chief Information Officer (CIO) be designated for each executive agency

Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA)