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Who is the owner of Order 161 - Crime Prevention?

Commanding Officer of Crime Prevention


_____ liaisons with community organizations and groups to establish open channels of communication
between law enforcement and citizens.

Crime Prevention


_____ oversees the vetting, training, and assignment of community volunteers.

Crime Prevention


_____ coordinates the Police Explorer Program.

Crime Prevention


The Police Explorer unit is comprised of students between the ages of ____.

fifteen and twenty


_____ provides supervision and training for school crossing guards.

Crime Prevention


Who supervises school crossing guards?

Safety Education Officer


_____ assists school officials in the organization, instruction, and supervision of the School Safety
Patrol Program.

Crime Prevention


Every _____, the Commanding Officer of the Crime Prevention Unit will conduct a documented evaluation of JSO’s crime prevention programs. This evaluation will be forwarded to the _____.

two years
Accreditation Unit


Every two years, the _____will conduct a documented evaluation of JSO’s crime prevention programs.

Commanding Officer of the Crime Prevention Unit


_____, a network of citizen-led groups that meet at regular intervals, provides JSO with the opportunity to hear directly from members of the community.

The Sheriff’s Watch


The Sheriff’s Watch meetings:
a. Gather _____ from the community on the development of community involvement
b. Publicize JSO’s _____ and _____;
c. Share _____ that JSO has identified, as well as _____ the agency has seen;
d. Communicate _____ and _____facing residents and businesses; and
e. Elicit _____ on JSO’s interaction with the community.

a. input
b. goals and objectives
c. problems; successes
d. crime trends and other problems
e. feedback for improvement



Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design


The _____ is trained in implementing CPTED techniques and can assist members who need to use them in the course of their duties.

Crime Prevention Unit


The Crime Prevention Unit, along with any other JSO unit carrying out the crime prevention function, will use appropriate CPTED techniques when working with other city entities and community members: (3)

a. During the planning and development phase of residential and commercial properties;
b. In the analysis, development, and revision of city zoning policies, building codes, and fire codes; and
c. When addressing factors involving existing structures that encourage criminal activity.


_______ is responsible for ensuring that volunteers are properly vetted prior to being used in an official capacity.

The Crime Prevention Unit


Approved volunteers are able to: (4)

(1) Assist in community service functions;
(2) Provide administrative or clerical support;
(3) Serve as additional resources in large-scale events;
(4) Serve on the Community Posse, which is a specialized group of volunteers that assist
in JSO’s crime prevention objectives throughout the community.


_____ is an auxiliary volunteer who is trained in crime prevention in a non-law enforcement capacity

The Community Posse Member


The Community Posse Member is an auxiliary volunteer who is trained in crime prevention in a non-law enforcement capacity and works directly under the supervision of the _____

Community Posse Coordinator.


Who oversees the training program for members of the
Community Posse?

Crime Prevention Unit


A Police Explorer will be commissioned only after successfully completing the training program administered by the _____ who must be a certified instructor.

Police Explorer Post Advisor,


School crossing guard locations must be within ___miles of a school;



Who makes the final decision regarding establishment of a school crossing guard location?

The school safety committee