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What does the carboxyl group look like?

Contains hydroxyl and carbonyl 


Describe the solubility of carboxylic acids.

  • Both the carbonyl and hydroxyl are polar so they can H-Bond with water
  • Carboxylic acids with up to 4 carbons are soluble in water
    • Solubility decreases as chain lenght increases, as non-polar carbon chains affect overall molecule polarity
  • Dicarboxylic acids are solid at RT and readily dissolve in water


Are carboxylic acids strong or weak


HCOOH(aq) ⇔ H+(aq) + HCOO-(aq)
partial dissociation


What are the acid reactions of carboxylic acids?

Carboxylic acids undergo:

  • Redox w/ metals
  • Neutralisation w/bases

All result in carboxylic acid → carboxylate salt

(example shown is carboxylic acid + NaOH)


Give general reactions for carboxylic acids + metals

carboxylic acid + metal → H2 + carboxylate salt

example of a carboxylate salt



Give general neutralisation reactions for carboxylic acids

+ metal oxides

CA + metal oxide → carboxylate salt + water

+ alkali

CA + alkali → carboxylate salt + water

+ carbonate

CA + CO32- → carboxylate salt + water + carbon dioxide


How do you test for carboxyl groups?

Carboxylic acids are the only acids, sufficiently acidic enough to react w/ carboncates, as opposed to phenols which can't