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Who is the owner of Order 266 - Tele-Serv?

Commanding Officer of Tele-Serv Unit


_____ reviews all Citizen Online Reporting System submissions and writes police reports on minor incidents over the telephone in order to relieve sector officers for more serious calls and investigations.

The Tele-Serv Unit


What call exceptions will not go to Tele-Serv? (4)

a. The suspect is present or an immediate apprehension can be made;
b. There is physical evidence to be collected;
c. There is a communication problem where the Tele-Serv officer cannot determine what has occurred; or
d. The Tele-Serv Supervisor (Sergeant) deems it necessary.


_____ will transfer calls to Tele-Serv when they are unable to assist the general public with their questions.

security guards


Tele-Serv officers will write missing persons reports from dependency shelters unless: (3)

(1) Foul play is suspected;
(2) The victim has a serious medical or mental problem/condition; or
(3) The victim is 11 years old or younger.


The return of Missing Persons Supplemental Reports will be handled by the Tele-Serv officers with the following exceptions: (4)

(1) A returning missing person is 11 years old or younger
(2) The original missing person report indicates that foul play was suspected;
(3) A returning missing person has a serious medical or mental problem/condition; and
(4) Additional charges are to be placed against a returning escaped prisoner.


When will Tele-Serv will write Missing Person returns reported by dependency shelters?

they will write the supp regardless of age


Thefts: Tele-Serv officers will write theft reports (including rental equipment at least ____ overdue) except when there is ___, ____ or ___

14 days
physical evidence, the suspect's immediate apprehension is likely, or there is enough information to identify the suspect.


Tele-Serv will write a report on gas drive-offs unless _____ is located at the scene.

physical evidence


A gas drive-off shall be classified as _____ when an interaction occurs between the clerk or employee and the suspect.

Fraud (UCR CODE 260H)


A gas drive-off should be classified as _____ when the suspect drives up, pumps gas and leaves without any interaction with the employee.

Larceny (UCR CODE 230H)


An example of _____ is when the suspect removes the nozzle from the pump and the employee is notified by a bell or buzzer to activate the pump.

no interaction


_____ will write reports for stolen or lost tags (including temporary tags) and decals and route to NCIC.

Tele-Serv officers


Tele-Serv officers will only write auto theft attempts when there is _____, _____ or _____.

no suspect in custody, no evidence to be processed, or it is not part of a series


Tele-Serv officers will write criminal mischief reports when there is _____ or ____ at the scene.

no suspect or physical evidence


Tele-Serv officers will write burglary to auto reports when: (6)

(a) The victim is calling from another city;
(b) There is a significant time delay, more than eight hours;
(c) The Victim refuses processing of vehicle (will have to be determined by the call-taker);
(d) Inclement weather prevents processing of vehicle;
(e) There is no physical evidence present; or
(f) The vehicle has been moved.


Tele-Serv officers will not complete a report for burglary to an auto when: (4)

(a) The incident is in progress and/or a suspect is identified and/or apprehended;
(b) The complainant/victim is insistent on having a police officer respond to write the report;
(c) There is physical evidence at the scene to be processed; or
(d) A firearm is taken from a vehicle.


Who has to approve, Tele-Serv officers to complete a report for burglaries to motel/hotel rooms where the victim is calling from another city.

A supervisor


Fraud Investigation: Tele-Serv officers will write fraud reports unless _____

there is evidence to be placed in the Property and Evidence Facility.


Tele-Serv officers will write Supplemental Reports in which additional information or property needs to be added to the original report. If there are more than _____ items they will be instructed to email or mail the list.



Tele-Serv officers will write False Personation cases unless it involves _____ or _____.

the impersonation of a police officer or a suspect has been identified


_____ will write all Misdemeanor Obscene/ Lewd Calls as defined in Florida State Statute (F.S.S.) 365.16.

Tele-Serv officers


If the call is of a threatening nature, officers _____, conduct an initial investigation, and complete a General Offense Report.

will be dispatched to the call


Tele-Serv officers will write damaged property reports resulting from a _____ and _____

non-criminal incident and the property is owned by the City of Jacksonville (COJ).


Tele-Serv will write Lost Property reports when: (3)

(1) Serial numbers are available; or
(2) The item is Valued at $1,500 or more; or
(3) One of a kind and may be identified by its distinct markings or by photographs.


Information reports are not to be used when a crime has occurred except in _____ reported cases.

Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)


Tele-Serv Officers will write all reports requested by DCF employees involving _____, _____ or _____ that occur within our jurisdiction.

Child Abuse, Child Neglect, or Elderly Abuse


Tele-Serv officers will write reports of stalking when: (2)

(1) The complaint is not Domestic Violence related; and
(2) The suspect is not present.


Tele-Serv officers will write complaints of misdemeanor assault when: (2)

(1) The suspect is not present; and
(2) The complaint is not Domestic Violence related.


Tele-Serv officers will write reports of Robbery to Individuals when: (5)

(1) The victim is reporting the incident from another location;
(2) There are no witnesses present;
(3) There is no physical evidence;
(4) The victim is not injured; and
(5) The suspect may have left the scene and there is no information that may lead to the immediate arrest of the suspect(s) (i.e., vehicle description, tag number, etc.).


Tele-Serv officers will write hit and run reports (Field Investigative Report) when: (4)

(1) The incident occurred at another location;
(2) There are no injuries to the driver and/or passengers;
(3) The time of the crash is unknown; and
(4) There is no suspect information.


Tele-Serv will handle calls for service that are civil in nature when: (2)

(1) The complainant is seeking advice; or
(2) The complainant is seeking a report for insurance purposes.


Tele-Serv officers will write reports of identity thefts unless _____.

the suspect has been identified


Tele-Serv will not write Supplemental Reports for_____

traffic crash reports.


Tele-Serv will not write _____

Escaped Prisoner reports.


Tele-Serv personnel must inform the _____prior to sending any Tele-Serv type call to the street.

Communications Center Supervisor


_____will make the decision whether or not to write a report when circumstances indicate a possible deviation from those listed in this order.

The Tele-Serv Supervisor


When mitigating circumstances exist, the _____ may determine that certain calls need to be diverted to the patrol zones for dispatch.

Tele-Serv Supervisor


Tele-Serv calls that are found to be in progress, have physical evidence at the scene, or an immediate suspect apprehension is possible shall be diverted to the _____.

Communications Center for dispatch to a patrol officer