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What is 2008 National Defense Authorization Act?

directed DoD to produce a Strategic Management Plan to set the strategic direct for DoD's business operation.


DoD Strategic Management Plan

What are Department's Strategic goals for FY 2012-2013?

• Prevail in today's wars
• Prevent and deter conflict
• Prepare to defeat adversaries and succeed in a wide range of contingencies
• Preserve and enhance the All-Volunteer Force
• Reform the business and support functions of the Defense Enterprise


What is Quadrennial Defense Review?

identified the need for improvements in the Department's business areas in order for those areas to better support the operational mission of the organization.


What are the Department's overarching business GOALS for the FY 2012-2013 2-year period are?

• Strengthen and right-size the DoD total workforce
• Strengthen DoD financial management
• Build agile and secure information technology capabilities
• Increase operational and installment energy efficiency
• Re-engineer and use end-to-end business processes
• Create agile business operations that support contingency missions


What is Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) aka Business Process Innovation (BPI)?

is defined as the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of key business processes (rather than incremental actions)
to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost quality, service, and speed.


What is Process Re-engineering?

focuses on the process of producing the output rather than on the restructuring of organization.

Note: it does NOT focus on changing the organization; it focuses on processes.


What are the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Steps

1. Create a Re-engineering framework
2. Identify Customers and determine needs
3. Map the existing process
4. Measure Process Performance
5. Redesign the existing process
6. Implement the Redesign


What should the Re-engineering team compose of?

• Some members who don't know the process at all
• Some members who know the process inside and out
• Customers, if possible, to include internal to the organization
• Some members representing impacted organization
• One or two technology gurus
• Individuals who are the best and brightest and who are most passionate and committed
• Some members from outside the organization
Suggested fewer than 10 members


What are the 5 steps in the actual Six Sigma process?

• Define
• Measure
• Analyze
• Improve
• Control


What is Bench-marking?

is the process of measuring and comparing one's performance against "world-class" or "best-in-class" organizations and identifying, understanding, and adapting the best practices of those organizations to achieve new levels of organizational performance.


What are the 10 steps of bench-marking?

1. Determine what to benchmark
2. Determine the organization to benchmark
3. Gather data
4. Analyze performance gaps
5. Determine future trends
6. Reveal results and sell the process
7. Achieve consensus on revised goals
8. Establish action plans
9. Implement plans and monitor results
10. Re-calibrate benchmarks


What are the purposes of Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)?

*1. Improve the confidence of the American people in the capability of the Federal Government, by systematically holding Federal agencies accountable for achieving program results;
2. Initiate program performance reform with a series of pilot projects in setting program goals, measuring program performance against those goals, and reporting publicly on their progress;
3. Improve Federal program effectiveness and public accountability by promoting a new focus on results, service quality, and customer satisfaction;
4. Help Federal managers improve service delivery by requiring that they plan for meeting program goals and by providing them with information about program results and service quality;
5. Improve internal management; and
6. Improve congressional decision-making by providing more objective information on archiving statutory objectives


What is the term for anything produced by an organization that can be tabulated, calculated, or recorded or can be expressed in a quantitative or qualitative measure?ive measure?

Output measures


What is the assessment of qualitative results of a program activity when compared to the intended purpose?

Outcome measures


Which report will each agency head submit to the President and Congress annually, no later than Nov 15

Performance Report


In the Federal Agencies, how often must strategic plans required under the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 be updated?

Every 4 years