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Havisham key quotes (with analysis)

"Beloved sweetheart bastard"
-Oxymoron - shows her conflicted emotions over her lost love - think
line between love and hate. the sound of the "b" creates a harsh and spiteful tone

"Don’t think it’s only the heart that b-b-b-breaks."
-Threat to end the poem, the sound of the "b" create harsh tone. She could be either angry or breaking down emotionally at the end. Instability is emphasized. Similar to beginning of poem.

" I’ve dark green pebbles for eyes"
-Metaphor-pebbles are small and hard-her eyes have shrunk from being inside with no light. Green has connotations of jealousy - she is jealous of those who are happy, specifically her ex fiance who she once loved, and now putridly hates.

" Love’s
- Enjambment/oxymoron, the enjambment shows the mental state of the persona as there is no structure to the poem here and she has lost her mental stability and the structure of her life.


Anne Hathaway (with analysis)

"The bed we loved in was a spinning world"
-the word "loved" shows that it is in the past tense and that she is reminiscing the experiences they shared together. the passionate love making her and her husband her left her dizzy, and gave her a new perspective on life.

"his touch a verb dancing in the centre of a noun."
-the enjambment here represents her lovers touch and how it could pause everything in her life and make her only focus on it, the word choices here are literary ways of representing the sexual activities of the couple

"played by touch, by scent, by taste."
- the list represents and reflect
continuous passion of their love.Incorporates all senses - takes over completely

"casket", "widows"
Funeral images-this poem has been a reflection as he is now gone, shows the position the persona is now in as her husband is gone and she is a widow, holding onto her loving memories.


Originally (with analysis)

"All childhood is an emigration"
-Metaphor- childhood compared to a major uprooting-change and transitions that are outwit their control-moving from the comfortable to the uncertain.

"skelf of shame"
-Use of Scots language reveals she still feels attached to her Scottish roots. “Skelf” means a small bit - shows she is starting to adjust now too

"my tongue shedding its skin like a snake"
-Simile-she is finally adopting to new home- shows how easy it has become for her to lose her accent.


War photographer (with analysis)

"spools of suffering"
-Metaphor the image highlights the
horrors that the images contain.
They are so horrific that they
literally become suffering itself.

"running children in a nightmare heat."
-Again a contrast in lives. A horrific image which shows the plight of children in the areas he has been to. No wonder he feels guilty: he can only watch what happens, rather than helping