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Within how long must you register a change of address with the board?

30 days


Will the board provide refunds for application fees?



How often must a satellite office certificate be renewed?

Annually along with standard certificate


Sponsored Events:

Must register with board within _ days

The board will get back to you in _ days and you have to make corrects within _ days of the event

Must register with board within 90 days

The board will get back to you in 15 days and you have to make corrects within 30 days of the event


T/F: For a sponsoring event, You must keep a physical or electronic copy of the boards approval to work in California and you must keep that copy for a minimum of 5 years



If the board requests records of a sponsored event, how soon must you honor the request?

15 days


You must file a report to the board within _ Days event summarizing details of the sponsored event

15 days


If you are an out of state practocioner at a sponsored event, what must you post

A notice saying that you are an out of state DC that as received approval to work at the event. Must contain boards number, email in 48 ariel font.


How soon do you have to register a name change?

10 days


What is the process to replace a lost license?

$25 with written statement on lost license. If it was damaged, you must send in damaged license.


What is the punishment for misleading advertisements?

Suspension of license <1 year

Probation of license

(anything besides revocation of license)


What cant an unlicensed doc do?

Adjust, Diagnose, perform consults, take x-rays, follow up exams.


What can an unlicensed doc do?

Take a history (not consult)

Perform standard exams that don't require interpretation (heart/lung)

Provide PT treatments with adequate supervision (doc present 50% of work week. Doc must perform follow up exams)

Mark x-rays with standard making reference points. (cant administer x-rays in any way)


What is considered adequate supervision of an unlicensed doc by a licensed doc?

Present 50% of work week

Dox has examined pt and written treatment plan

Doc must perform follow up evaluations.


Are students on preceptor considered unlicensed?



Can an unlicensed person own a chiropractic clinic?

They can own the location, tools, but cant have any influence over DCs diagnostic decision or treatments administered


If a DC dies what happens?

His unlicensed airs have 6 months to pass on ownership of the clinic (with 4 months for approved extension)

There must be a licensed DC on site at all times during this period.


Can you offer a student or potential student a job at your practice?

No, unless they are a preceptor.


What can be the consequences if you are found to be mentally ill by the board?

Suspend your license, place you on probation or revoke your license


If your get your license back after being found to be mentally ill, what will you need to do?

Get approval from a board certified psychiatrist

Submit to a complete diagnostic examination by a board appointed physician. Licensee can choose if they would like to go tot he board appointed physician or choose their own.

Then maybe: Pass a written or oral exam, and/or take additional practical or clinical training.


What is considered Unprofessional Conduct?

Gross negligence
Repeated negligent acts