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When detainees are transported to the PMB, detainees will be separated by gender, and adults will be separated from juveniles unless _____ and _____

an investigative advantage exists
there is constant supervision or observation.


When a detective transports or has a detainee transported to be interviewed at the PMB, security for the detainee will rest with the _____ once the detainee is at the PMB and they are present. [CFA 39.01]



A suspect shall not be placed inside an interview room without the permission of the _____ or his designee.

Case Detective


Officers shall summon a _____ prior to placing the suspect inside an interview room and shall maintain control of the detainee/prisoner until relieved by a _____.



All detectives and patrol officers will be trained in interview room usage. Retraining will be offered at least once every _____.

three years


Who will search all detainees prior to detainees entering the interview room?



All items, except _____ and _____, will be removed from a detainee prior to being placed in the interview room.

money and jewelry


Under normal circumstances (regular business days and hours), detectives will release patrol personnel from detainee responsibility when?

as soon as possible so that the patrol personnel may return to their assignments without significant delays.


If patrol transports more than one detainee to be interviewed or if the arrest occurs on the evening or night shift and the detective is alone in the office, the detective shall: (3)

a. Request the Patrol Officers remain with the detainees for security reasons;
b. Obtain assistance from other working detectives sufficient to provide adequate security; and
c. If it appears that the detainee interviews or the investigation will be lengthy (over several hours), contact a detective supervisor and request that additional off-duty detectives be called in to assist and relieve the Patrol Officer.


In the event of an emergency (e.g., fire, bomb threat, etc.) which requires the evacuation of the PMB, all persons in the interview rooms will be removed from the building by the _____

detective(s) or their designee who has assumed responsibility for those persons


In the event of an emergency (e.g., fire, bomb threat, etc.) which requires the evacuation of the PMB,:
Individuals that are being interviewed subsequent to arrest will be taken where?

to the PDF and will remain there until it is safe to return to the building.


Under normal circumstances, there should be no more than ___ detectives or officers present in the interview room during the interview.



Only person(s) authorized by the _____ or _____ who has control of the detainee can authorize access to that detainee.

detective or officer (or a supervisor)


A juvenile is considered placed in a non-secure status if he is _____, and the interview room is _____;

continuously observed


In order to avoid a violation of federal law, once the juvenile is placed in a secure custody status, the secure custody cannot exceed _____ before the juvenile must be delivered to the appropriate juvenile detention facility or released.

six hours


If an interview continues for a period of time longer than six hours, the juvenile, what will happen?

the juvenile shall be placed in an unlocked interview room and be continuously monitored by a sworn officer or detective


When will, an Officer or Detective interview a juvenile without another officer or detective present or observing from a monitoring room?

unusual circumstances,


At the conclusion of interviews, detectives shall not walk more than _____ detainee(s) to the PDF without assistance.



Detectives should keep _____ with detainees while walking through the PMB or to the PDF.

physical contact


An administrative review will be conducted, at least, once _____ by the _____ or his designee of the interview rooms and unit procedures under his command to ensure compliance with State and Federal Laws.

every three years
Assistant Chief of Crimes Against Property


The _____ or his designee of each unit will inspect each interview room under his command, at least, _____.

Commanding Officer


Interview room recording procedures: Any deviation from this policy will be approved by the _____ or the _____ or higher authority and properly documented in the case file.

Assistant Chief of Major Case
Assistant Chief of Property Crimes & Investigative Support


When shall a private conversation between a criminal suspect and his lawyer be recorded in an interview room?

Under NO circumstances


Can a detective reuse recording media for interviews?

No, Only new, unused recording media taken from their original wrappers shall be used.