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Who is the owner of Order 325 - Special Assault

Commanding Officer of Special Assault


All allegations of felony sex crimes (including sexual battery, lewd and lascivious assault on a minor, molesting, pornography, etc.), aggravated child abuse, aggravated elderly abuse, and criminal sexting are investigated by the _____.

Special Assault Unit (SAU)


Sexual batteries that occur on Duval County School Board property will be investigated by the _____; however, the _____ will investigate all other sex crimes that occur on school board property.

Special Assault Unit
Duval County School Board Police


An SAU detective shall be called out 24 hours a day when: (7)

1. An arrest is made on an SAU warrant or when a suspect is in custody for a felony sex crime, aggravated child abuse, or aggravated elderly abuse;
2. A victim sustains significant injury, such as broken bones, serious lacerations, or any other injury likely to cause permanent disfigurement;
3. There is a burglary related to the incident;
4. The incident appears to be part of a pattern or series;
5. The incident involves another serious crime such as robbery, kidnapping, etc. where a sexual battery or attempted sexual battery was also part of the crime;
6. A kidnapping or attempted kidnapping of a victim 17 years of age or younger in which the victim has been recovered and the motivation for the kidnapping cannot be determined; or
7. Anytime a supervisor determines a detective can significantly help the investigation.


Patrol officers shall limit their interviews of victims to determine _____ and _____

if a crime has been committed and if a detective needs to be called out.


Per Florida State Statutes (F.S.S.) 960, Victim’s Rights, adult victims of sexual battery (are/are not) required to make a police report in order to receive a forensic exam (i.e., be taken to the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Program - SAFE).

are not


Sex Crimes: In cases where the officer is unable to determine the appropriate offense, and after consulting with their supervisor, the officer shall complete a General Offense Report titled _____ and route it to the _____

Special Assault Unit.


For adult victims, if any type of penetration occurred within the preceding _____, the victim should be taken to _____

120 hours
SAFE at 403 West 10th Street on the second floor of the Victim Services building


In certain cases, a medical exam may be beneficial beyond 120 hours after the offense occurred. The determination as to whether the victim should go to SAFE will be made on a case-by-case basis by ____ (e.g. cases where the victim suffered significant trauma to the genital area).

SAFE medical staff


If officers have a suspect in custody, the following protocol shall take effect:(2)

a. Transport the victim to the Special Assault Unit office prior to transporting the victim to SAFE unless immediate medical treatment or stabilization is needed;
b. Officers will be required to remain with the victim at the Police Memorial Building (PMB) so the victim can be transported to SAFE after the detective has met with him or her.


For incidents requiring additional emergency medical treatment which prevents the victim from being transported to SAFE, officers shall call or have National Crime Information Center (NCIC) personnel notify the _____ and advise them of the victim’s status and location.

24 hour hotline/Rape Recovery Team at 721-RAPE (7273)


Officers shall remain with the victim until _____ or _____ arrives.

SAFE staff or a detective (if one is responding)


For adult victims, ask the victim PRIOR to leaving for SAFE if the victim would like the assistance of an _____ to answer any questions, explain the process, and provide counseling and assistance throughout the entire process.



Sex Crimes: If the victim does wish to speak with an advocate, the officer or NCIC PECO will request the advocate respond by calling _____

the 24 hour rape hotline at 721-RAPE (7273);


Sex Crimes: When the advocate is requested, they will then notify _____ of the incident, and request that medical staff be en route as well. Officers should make sure that the victim is going to cooperate _____ requesting this call-out;

prior to


Sex Crimes: If the victim does not wish to see an advocate, the advocate will not initiate contact. The _____, _____ or _____ will provide information to the victim about the availability of advocacy services and how to contact an advocate in the future.

officer, detective, or appropriate victim services staff member


Sex Crimes: Response time for an advocate should not exceed _____; in some instances, however, officers may have completed the investigation prior to the arrival of an advocate. Officers may return to service without waiting for the advocate, upon being relieved by _____;

45 minutes
SAFE personnel


In the event an advocate or SAFE personnel do not respond, the officer shall notify a _____;

patrol supervisor


If after 1700, or on weekends and holidays, the officer shall contact_____ for the gate and alarm code so that they can unlock the SAFE building

NCIC personnel


If the adult victim is reporting a sex crime but refusing to be examined, the officer shall complete a _____ and have the victim read and sign it.

Refusal to Submit to Medical Examination Form (P-0145)


Refusal to Submit to Medical Examination Form (P-0145): The victim's signature will be witnessed by the _____ and _____. A copy (yellow) of the form will be given to the victim and the original (white) shall be submitted to the_____.

reporting officer and the on-scene supervisor
Property & Evidence Facility


For victims who are under the age of 18 with no injuries and no suspect is in custody, officers shall adhere to the following procedures: If the incident occurred more than 72 hours prior, the officer shall take the report following the same protocol as for adults (document on a General Offense Report and route to the _____).

Special Assault Unit


For victims who are under the age of 18 with no injuries and no suspect is in custody, officers shall adhere to the following procedures: If the incident occurred within the 72 hour time frame, or if there are extenuating circumstances that warrant an immediate medical opinion or examination, then the reporting officer shall first notify the _____ prior to transporting the juvenile to the _____. If after hours, contact ____ so they can notify personnel will respond

on call SAU detective
First Coast Child Protection Team (CPT) office at 4539 Beach Boulevard;


The transporting officer shall remain at CPT until the conclusion of the exam unless relieved by _____ or _____.

another officer or detective


If the victim is not examined by CPT personnel at the time the offense is reported, specific reference to this shall be noted in the narrative of the General Offense Report so that an _____ can make an appointment for the victim.

SAU detective


If the suspect is someone who lives in the child's home and an arrest is not made, removal of the child may be appropriate under certain circumstances. Officers shall consult with the _____

Department of Children and Families (DCF) for placement (1-800-96-ABUSE).


If the parent or guardian is not available to give the required permission for the medical examination of a juvenile, F.S.S. 39.304 authorizes a ___, ___ or ___ to authorize and sign for the exam. The necessary forms are kept at the CPT office.

Police officer, DCF investigator, or CPT case coordinator


Sex Crimes: If the victim is under the age of ___, obtain information for the General Offense Report from an adult rather than interviewing the child;



Is it necessary to call the abuse hotline if a DCF investigator is present?

No, it shall be noted in the narrative that the Florida Abuse Hotline was not contacted because a DCF Investigator (include his name) was present;


Drug-Facilitated Sex Crimes: If the assault is thought to have occurred within the preceding _____, the officer shall do the following: (2)

12 hours
a. Notify a supervisor; and
b. Ask the victim to provide a urine sample at that time.


Drug-Facilitated Sex Crimes: If the victim is willing to give a urine sample, the supervisor will request a ____ respond immediately. This is not necessary if the victim will be examined by ____ or _____ within 12 hours of the assault

Crime Scene detective


Drug-Facilitated Sex Crimes: If the victim is being transported to SAFE or CPT for a sexual assault examination within 12 hours of the assault, the victim will be requested to provide a urine sample during the exam, so it will not be necessary to request a _____

Crime Scene detective.


Unauthorized persons shall not be permitted in the interview area, including ___, ___, ___, etc

parents, other relatives, friends, etc.;


If the victim is very young or insists that someone be with them, the privacy rule may be waived as long as the officer is____

certain that this person is not a suspect;


If the victim is under the age of ___, obtain information for the General Offense Report from an adult rather than interviewing the child;



If the victim requests to be interviewed by an officer of the same gender, _____

every effort shall be made to grant this request;


For adults, if the sexual assault occurred within the preceding _____, advise the victim not to shower, bathe, or otherwise alter his or her physical appearance, or engage in any activity that may contaminate or destroy valuable evidence. For victims who are under the age of 18, CPT guidelines reduce the time frame to ____; and

120 hours
72 hours


The victim should be encouraged not to _____ or _____ if the crime involved an oral sexual assault that had just occurred.

eat or drink


Patrol officers will handle all civil sexting investigations involving minors between the ages of _____.



Officers will run the minor’s name through the sexting database located on the “Laptops” webpage to identify suspects who have been charged with sexting. The first offense is classified as _____. The second offense is classified as a _____. The third and subsequent offenses are _____ and must be followed up by _____

special assault


1st sexting offense ; Officers shall complete a Juvenile Civil Sexting Citation (P-0698) for each juvenile who transmits or possesses a photograph or video that meets the criteria defined in the sexting statute. Officers are to explain to the parent or guardian that the juvenile must appear before the Juvenile Court; or in lieu of appearing, the juvenile may complete any or a combination of the following: _____ hours of community service, pay a _____ civil penalty or participate in a cyber-safety program. The juvenile receiving the citation and a parent or guardian must report to the Juvenile Department, Room 2017 at the Duval County Courthouse (501 W. Adams Street) within _____ to schedule a court date or to receive instructions for completing the alternative penalty or penalties listed above;

10 days


Regarding Juveniles and their 1st civil sexting offense: should their phones be seized?

No, they will advise the parent or guardian to delete ALL contraband photographs and/or videos that have been sent to and from the device and that continued possession of the images could result in criminal charges


Regarding 2nd and subsequent sexting offenses, will the juveniles phones be seized?



Allegations of child abuse, child neglect, and child dependency may be on-viewed by a _____, received by a call from a complainant to the ____ or from the _____

police officer
Communications Center
DCF by way of a Hotline Abuse Report, DCF Form 1235.


Per F.S.S. 39.205, a person who is required to report known or suspected child abuse, abandonment, neglect, or child sexual abuse and who knowingly and willfully fails to do so, or who knowingly and willfully prevents another person to do so, commits a _____

felony of the 3rd degree.


Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Child Dependency: Children should be interviewed in private and not in the presence of ___, ___ or ___.

parents, guardians, or possible suspects


When interviewing persons other than suspects, officers shall advise them that _____, by F.S.S. 39.203, from any criminal or civil liability in making the report.

immunity is granted to them


The only exceptions to the legal duty to report known or suspected child abuse are _____ and _____

attorney/client and clergy/client privileges;


Victim inspections will not include genitalia unless _____ is needed so aid can be rendered. Aid will only be rendered to the _____.

emergency medical attention
extent of training


If evidence of child abuse is present, the child should be examined by a _____, preferably by the _____

Child Protection Team (CPT);