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If a watercraft cannot be towed by a TOL wrecker firm, NCIC will contact the _____, who will ensure that a _____ responds to the scene to assess the condition of the watercraft.

Commanding Officer of the Marine Unit
Marine Unit officer


If the watercraft can be safely operated, the Marine Unit officer will pilot the boat to the _____for storage.

JSO Marine Facility


If the boat is too large to be stored at the JSO Marine Facility, the Commanding Officer of the Marine Unit will make arrangements for the watercraft to be stored at _____

a dock owned or operated by the City of Jacksonville (COJ).


When a watercraft is being seized for evidentiary processing, the Commanding Officer of the Marine Unit will ensure that the watercraft seized for evidentiary processing will be stored in a secured area or will have ______ until the processing is completed.

constant observation by a law enforcement officer


When large equipment or miscellaneous vehicles (golf carts, ATV’s, etc.) must be towed, NCIC will contact _____ that can accommodate the towing and storage of the equipment.

a TOL wrecker firm


Large equipment that is being seized for evidentiary processing will be towed to the Property & Evidence Facility. If the Property & Evidence Facility cannot accommodate the item, the _____ will make arrangements to have the equipment transported to a venue that can accommodate the item. They will also ensure that the equipment is stored in a secured area or will have _____ until the processing is completed. [CFA 38.02]

commanding officer of the investigative unit requesting the seizure
constant observation by a law enforcement officer


Officers shall have vehicles/vessels stored without holds when the vehicle/vessel owner cannot respond to the scene within a reasonable time (_____);

approximately 30 minutes


A hold for investigation is self-canceling in ______.

five days excluding weekends and holidays


Who is responsible for any storage charges exceeding five days if the vehicle is not transferred to a Sheriff's Office storage facility.



Can we place holds on vehicles for local agencies with concurrent jurisdiction, (i.e., Naval Criminal Investigative Service [NCIS], Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives [ATF], Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA], Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], Atlantic Beach Police Department [ABPD], etc.)?



Homicide or cold case investigation holds for investigation, the vehicle will be towed to where?

CSU Warehouse


Holds for investigation: _____ must follow the TOL wrecker to the JSO Vehicle Warehouse to maintain the chain of custody.

A police officer


Holds for investigation: police officers shall coordinate the vehicle storage with the _____

JSO Impound Facility Personnel.


In situations where a large vehicle (e.g., tractor trailer semi-truck, etc.) needs to be secured as evidence and further processing is required, Officers will contact NCIC and request _____ and _____

a Class “C” TOL and coordinate with a CSU supervisor.


The fact the driver flees the scene is not sufficient to place a hold on a vehicle if _____

no supporting criminal activity exists.


The vehicle was involved in a fatal traffic accident or there is a possibility death will occur and felony charges may be filed. _____ shall be called to the scene to determine whether to hold or release the involved vehicles.

Traffic Homicide investigators


The vehicle will not be considered identified by license plate only; the _____ must be obtained to identify the vehicle.



A _____ will be place on a vehicle if the VIN has been burned where it is no longer readable, altered, or tampered with and the ownership of the vehicle cannot be confirmed.



Holds for investigation will be placed on vehicles when they cannot be processed at the scene and are : (3)

(a) Stolen;
(b) Abandoned by a suspect wanted on criminal charges;
(c) Used in a serious felony and evidence may be obtained from it.


Patrol officers must obtain the approval from a _____ and document the identification of the approving officer in the hold section of the NOIR, excluding forfeiture holds and holds regarding burned altered or tampered VIN’s.

member of the investigating unit for which the hold will be placed


The responsibility to remove the hold or extend the hold rests with the _____.

investigating unit


Holds from other law enforcement jurisdictions will require official confirmation to hold the vehicle and will be routed to the _____ for follow-up.

appropriate detective unit


An officer placing a forfeiture hold on a vehicle must complete and submit a forfeiture packet within _____ of the vehicle being towed (see Order 395 [Forfeiture]).

24 hours


If a forfeiture packet is not received by the Forfeiture Unit within _____ of the original hold date, the hold will self-cancel.

five business days


If a forfeiture packet is not received by the Forfeiture Unit within five business days of the original hold date, the hold will self-cancel. It will be _____ responsibility to contact the owner and advise the hold has been removed.

the submitting officer’s


DHSMV holds can only be removed by the _____

Wrecker Regulation Unit.


Vehicles being stored at the JSO or Crime Scene Unit’s Facility must be placed on _____. Officers completing the NOIR must use the _____

extended hold
identification number of the detective responsible for the extended hold.


If it is determined a hold will be extended at the time a vehicle is being impounded, is an initial hold necessary?

an initial hold is not necessary, the extended hold can be placed immediately.


Forfeiture holds are extended only by _____

Forfeiture officers


To extend a hold beyond five days, the decision must be made within _____ from the date the hold was placed on the vehicle.

72 hours


Patrol officers must obtain approval from _____ before extending a hold.

their supervisor


All holds will be removed using the _____. Only under circumstances when a _____ will the officer/detective contact NCIC to remove the hold;

computer is not accessible


When the decision not to extend the hold has been reached within the _____, the hold shall be released.

72 hour period


Hold removals can only be processed during the hours _____

0800-1700, seven days a week.


All vehicles placed on extended hold will be moved to the _____as soon as practical.

JSO Vehicle Impound Facility


In general, NCIC will make notification to wrecker firms of hold and extended hold removals during normal business hours, 0800 to 1700, seven days a week; however, after hours notification will be made _____

on a limited basis.


When an initial hold is not removed or extended the Towed Vehicles application will automatically remove the hold. This occurs after_____

five days, excluding weekends and holidays.


The officer who placed the vehicle on hold will receive a computer-generated email showing the system removed the hold and the responsibility for owner notification rests with ______.

the submitting officer


If after all attempts, owner notification cannot be completed, use the _____and show in the comments field the reason no contact can be made.

“Final Hold Removed – Unable to Contact Owner”


_____ should be recorded for all vehicles/vessels unless burned, destroyed, or tows from private property.



When a call taker receives information on a tow where the VIN cannot be verified, a signal _____ (VIN verification) will be dispatched to the location of the vehicle.