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Who is the owner of Order 335 - Wrecker Regulation

Commanding Officer of Wrecker Regulation Unit


_____ has the responsibility of ensuring vehicles (including aircraft and vessels) impounded by the Sheriff's Office are accounted for, securely stored, and disposed of in compliance with applicable laws and chain of custody.

The Wrecker Regulation Unit


It shall be the policy of the Sheriff's Office that impoundment of motor vehicles, conveyances, or vessels occur only when _____ and to accomplish our police mission.

absolutely necessary


Only _____ can be used to tow impounded vehicles.

TOL wrecker firms


Holds are temporary, and as such are self-canceling in _____, excluding weekends and holidays.

five days


Extended holds are _____ for investigatory or evidentiary reasons.

holds extended beyond five days


_____ is the taking of a vehicle without consent for the purpose of satisfying a statutory requirement.



_____ is the transfer of ownership of a vehicle, which has been used in violation of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act, Florida State Statutes (F.S.S.) 932.701-932.707 to the seizing agency.



_____ is defined and applies to a vehicle or conveyance, subject to MO 804.1101, 804.633 or F.S.S. 323.001, that has been towed with or without the consent of the owner by a TOL wrecker firm at the direction of the Sheriff.



The _____ shall be used to create a Notice of Impoundment Report (NOIR) every time a vehicle, conveyance, or vessel is towed as a TOL request by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO).

Agency Records Management System (ARMS)


_____ will be responsible for managing the NOIR wrecker requests.

NCIC personnel


Do Owners’ Requests for wreckers require a NOIR?



Inventory of vehicle contents shall be noted on the _____



Whenever a vehicle must be impounded, it shall be handled by a _____. The exception to this involves emergency situations in which police officers are authorized to request the _____.

TOL wrecker firm
closest available wrecker


If in a life threatening situation, a Fire/Rescue supervisor directly requests a TOL wrecker through the Sheriff's Office Communications Center to enhance rescue operations. _____ will complete the NOIR upon arrival at the scene.

The responding officer


When it is not possible for the request to be sent on the computer, the officer can request the TOL wrecker _____.

via radio


_____ will make the TOL assignment. The officer will see the status change from “Requested” to “Assigned” on the Tow Status page of the application.



Can NCIC reject the submitted NOIR so corrections can be made by the officer?



In all cases where _____ is obtainable, it shall be used to determine the owner information, rather than a _____.

the VIN
tag number


Prior to impoundment, unless the vehicle is being towed for evidentiary processing, officers shall conduct a _____.

complete inventory of the vehicle


A detailed list of _____ shall be noted on the NOIR.

articles of value


All _____(current or prior) to the vehicle shall be listed on the NOIR



A vehicle inventory is _____ for vehicles which have been released at the scene to the owner or the owner’s representative.

not necessary


When a vehicle is impounded, and the owner is present, officers will complete the NOIR and have the owner _____ which will be utilized as the Notice of Impoundment.

sign the Signature Form (P-0214)


When a vehicle is impounded (not for evidentiary value), and the owner is not present, the Notice of Impoundment shall be served by the _____

wrecker firm towing the vehicle as set forth in MO 804.1204.


When a vehicle is impounded and the owner refuses to sign the notice, the officer shall note this fact in _____ and _____ which constitutes prima facie evidence of delivery.

the comments field on the Signature Form (P-0214) and the comments field on the NOIR


When multiple vehicles are towed under the same CCR number can one a Signature Form (P-0214) be used?

No, one should be used for each vehicle


Contesting Charges: The owner may regain possession of the impounded vehicle from the wrecker firm without prepayment of towing and storage charges by presenting proof of ownership to the wrecker firm and _____;

posting a cash or surety bond in the amount of the accrued towing and storage charges


Contesting Charges: The owner has _____ to contact the Wrecker Regulation Unit to request a hearing as to the propriety of the impoundment and the owner's liability for the towing and storage charges.

five business days


If an owner wants the TOL to take the vehicle to a location other than the wrecker address, what happens?

The request shall remain as a TOL and the vehicle taken to the Owner’s requested location.


TOL wrecker drivers removing wrecked or damaged vehicles from the street or highway are also responsible for _____resulting from the crash.

removing from the roadway any debris


TOL wrecker firms are expected to respond to the scene within _____ of receipt of the call.

20 minutes


If the TOL wrecker is attached to a vehicle, but the vehicle driver arrives before it can be moved, a partial fee of _____ may be charged by the towing firm,

up to half of the current hookup fee


If the driver/owner in lawful possession arrives before the TOL wrecker has been attached, and the vehicle can be released to this person, what happens?

a parking ticket shall be issued, and
NCIC will be notified to place the TOL wrecker firm back on top of the list.


In lieu of impoundment, arrestees may have their vehicles handled according to their request, including _____ if they so authorize.

leaving the vehicle unattended, legally parked and secured,


In lieu of impoundment, owners may request their vehicle be left unattended on a public street. The Sheriff’s Office may honor the request for a period of time not exceeding _____

24 hours.


Does an owners request require an NOIR



If leaving an arrestees vehicle unattended on a public street, what will be done?

Attach a 24 hour notice form
advise the owner/operator that the Sheriff’s Office will not be responsible for any damage, loss, or destruction of the vehicle.


If an abandoned vehicle is being towed, officers shall log out on a signal __,



when will unattended vehicles be towed?

24 hours after the notice is attached
monday through friday 0800-1700


Unattended posted vehicles should be towed by a _____ requested through NCIC. During normal business hours.

Junk/Abandoned Wrecker


If a midnight shift officer is assigned an unattended conveyance, what do they do?

handle it normally and forward the details to a zone traffic sergeant.


Do abandoned/unattended vehicles require a NOIR?



_____ cites vehicles on private residential property;

The Code Enforcement Unit of the Public Works Department, City of Jacksonville


When a JSO employee is informed of unattended vehicles on private property the caller is referred to _____

City Link at (904) 630-CITY (2489) or city website;


_____ removes vehicles on commercial property, in compliance with F.S.S. 715.07, (e.g., shopping centers, apartment complexes, public parking lots, etc.).

The property owner or manager


What must happen before you tow/impound an illegally parked vehicle on public property?

issued a parking ticket charging a specific parking violation.


These items should only be towed under the following circumstances: (3)

a. An owner or owner’s representative cannot retrieve the item;
b. The item must be processed for evidence and that processing cannot feasibly be completed at the scene;
c. The item is being seized for forfeiture.


When an aircraft, watercraft, or large equipment must be impounded or seized, the officer do what?

complete an NOIR and notify NCIC of the item’s specifications.


Impounding or Seizing Aircraft: NCIC will notify _____, who will ensure that a _____ and _____ respond to the scene to assess the condition of the aircraft.

the Commanding Officer of the Aviation Unit
pilot and mechanic


Impounding or Seizing Aircraft: If the aircraft cannot be safely flown, the _____ will make arrangements for the ground transportation of the aircraft to the _____.

Commanding Officer of the Aviation Unit
Aviation Unit hangar


When an aircraft is being seized for evidentiary processing the Commanding Officer of the Aviation Unit will ensure that the aircraft seized for evidentiary processing will be stored in a secured area or will have _____until the processing is completed

constant observation by a law enforcement officer