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Who is the owner of Order 356 - Tactical Support

Commanding Officer of Tactical Support


_____ - A designated law enforcement team whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped, and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units.



_____ is maintained to respond to and resolve certain tactical incidents.

The SWAT team


Tactical Incidents Include but are not limited to: (5)

barricaded subject(s),
hostage situations,
terrorist acts,
suicide threat resolutions,
high risk searches and arrest warrants, and
any other incident where the capabilities of the SWAT team would be beneficial.


_____ is comprised of detectives assigned to the SWAT team and is tasked with serving arrest warrants for the Investigations Division’s Crimes Major Case Section.

The Criminal Apprehension Unit


The fugitives tracked by the Criminal Apprehension Unit must have arrest warrants for _____

violent felonies involving weapons.


_____ works closely with other local, State and Federal agencies to locate and arrest violent offenders.

The Criminal Apprehension Unit


Barricaded subject/suspects are defined as persons:

a. Who Officers believe to be armed
b. Who are believed to have been involved in a criminal act and/or are a threat to the lives and safety of citizens and officers
c. Who are in a position of advantage, affording cover and concealment, or are contained in an open area and the approach of officers could precipitate an adverse reaction by the suspect, and
d. Who refuse to submit to arrest


_____ – A person threatening suicide with a weapon that barricades or places themselves in a position of advantage where the approach by responding officers could unnecessarily escalate the situation or endanger the officers.

Armed Suicidal Subject


_____ – A group of 3-4 Officers, ideally with a supervisor, tasked with taking a subject into custody upon their surrender.

Apprehension Team


Apprehension Team – A group of ___ Officers, ideally with a _____



The Apprehension Team can also _____ with the subject/suspect via a vehicle PA, etc.

facilitate communication


_____ – Any incident in which people are being held against their will by another person or persons, usually by force or coercion.

Hostage Situation


_____ – A decision making matrix which lists in descending order, the priority of different people involved in a Tactical situation.

Priority of Life


Priority of Life: This descending order is as follows: (4)

Law Enforcement Officers,
Tactical Officers (SWAT),


Priority of Life: The first question asked is _____. The second question is a risk/benefit analysis determining _____.

who will benefit the most from this action and who will not
what risk is being taken, and subsequently what benefit will be achieved


Priority of Life: If the decision to take action benefits the hostages/citizens at a crisis site, and negatively impacts the suspect/subjects efforts to harm them, then it is generally a _____.

sound decision


Priority of Life: In the case of a Barricaded Subject or Armed Suicidal Subject, an emergency forced breach should not be considered as this would unnecessarily endanger the lives of _____ and benefit the _____ who may intend them harm.

Law Enforcement Officers


_____ will generally consist of at least four Police Officers with a breaching capability.

The Hostage Rescue Team


The Hostage Rescue Team will generally consist of at least _____ Police Officers with a _____ capability.



The Hostage Rescue Team will deploy as soon as possible to the crisis site, _____, _____ and _____

position themselves close to the target, and select an entry point and method of entry.


If the suspect’s actions cause personnel or others to fire at the suspect, the Hostage Rescue team should _____ and _____

move forward to make contact with the suspect(s) and rescue the hostage(s).


The Hostage Rescue Team should be prepared to _____ and _____

receive released or escaping Hostages and take the suspect(s) into custody should they surrender.


_____is a group (usually 4 to 5) of SWAT officers and a supervisor who are tasked with rapidly responding to a crisis during a preplanned special event.

A Quick Reaction Force (QRF)


A Quick Reaction Force (QRF) is a group made up of _____

(usually 4 to 5) of SWAT officers and a supervisor


The QRF is positioned in close proximity to the event, and is assembled for the purpose of _____.

assisting uniformed Police assets with the mitigation of emerging threats such as, active shooter/bomber situations


_____ can also assist Bomb Squad personnel by providing over watch during bomb threats or located suspicious packages.



Any other utilization of a SWAT QRF must be approved by the _____ or higher authority within the Homeland Security Chain of Command.

Assistant Chief of Special Operations


An _____ or higher authority can request the SWAT Team through the Investigative Dispatcher 24 hours a day.

on-scene watch commander


Any non-emergency request for search warrant service should be made to the _____ who is the _____ within the Tactical Support Office.

Assistant SWAT Commander,
supervisor of the SWAT Administrative Unit