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Regular chest physiotherapy is very important and is used to show parents how to carry this out on their children as it helps to remove the thick mucus from the airways.
The child lies...

Head down, so hey can cough out the sputum and mucus, while the parent pays the chest firmly in a special way
Usually carried out twice a day


Children with CF are encouraged to...

Exercise and play sport as keeping active and fit improves their health


Most children with CF take....

Antibiotics regularly to prevent lung infections


People with CF often take a drug to...

Dilate the airways so that they can breathe more easily


People with CF may also take a drug that...

Thins down the mucus making it easier for them to cough up the mucus and clear the airways

May reduce the number of lung infections and improve lung function

People with advanced cystic fibrosis who have lung damage may be give oxygen, particularly at night


People with CF need a high...

Fat, protein and carbohydrate diet and probably high-energy food and drink supplements because they do not digest and absorb food properly.

Need vitamin supplements because they do not absorb vitamins from their food very well either


Most people with CF swallow...

Enzyme capsules before eating food, to help them to digest their food more easily


People with advanced cystic fibrosis (due to severe lung damage) may have a...

Heart-lung transplant

Also research into gene therapy - involves inserting a normal copy of the CFTR gene into the cells lining the respiratory tract


Over time the walls of the alveoli break down due to smoking, this means that the number of alveoli also disappear, this condition is called...



People with emphysema have great difficulty on getting enough oxygen into their blood, they become...



Eventually they need to breathe...

Pure oxygen


Emphysema causes lung tissue to gradually lose its...

Elasticity making breathing more difficult


Smoking also causes the tissues lining the trachea and bronchi to be...



As the tissue repairs itself, fibrous tissue is laid down, which is thicker than the original tissue making the airways...

Narrower and making it much harder for the smoker to get air into and out of the lungs