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What is byte stuffing?

The process of adding 1 extra byte whenever there is a flag or escape character in the text.


What is bit stuffing?

Adding one extra 0 when five consecutive 1s appear in the data.


What is bit unstuffing?

If five consecutive 1s are followed by a 0, the receiver unstuffs the 0 bit.


What is flow control?

Refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data that the sender can send before waiting for acknowledgement.


What is error control?

Based on automatic repeat request, retransmission of data.


What are the two protocols used for noiseless channels?

Simplest and Stop-and-Wait.


What are the three protocols used for noisy channels?

- Stop-and-Wait ARQ
- Go-Back-N ARQ
- Selective Repeat ARQ


What is the send window?

An abstract concept defining an imaginary box of size 2^m - 1 with three variables: Sf, Sn, and Ssize


Which is more efficient between Go-Back-N and selective repeat ARQ?

Go-Back-N is more efficient when all transmissions are successful, Selective Repeat ARQ is more successful when there is a large probability of errors