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The Emergency Communications Division has the responsibility for maintaining the roster of on-duty unit numbers for the department to facilitate accountability, employee safety, and the flow of information.



The Office of Technology Services has the responsibility for maintaining the radio number assignments for the department.



Radio number assignments shall be given to all personnel who are assigned a portable radio or who may utilize a mobile or portable radio as deemed necessary by their division commander. Radio number assignments are permanent for lieutenants and above for the duration of the employee's rank.



Field sergeants shall monitor the police radio at all times and respond to scenes when appropriate or when requested to do so by a field unit.

A field sergeant shall make the scene of all significant or newsworthy events.

At no time during their shift shall field sergeants be out of radio contact with the police dispatcher except during such impractical circumstances as outlined above or unless:

a. Ordered to turn off the radio by a lieutenant or higher-ranking officer. If this occurs, the dispatcher shall be notified the radio shall be off and on whose authority.

b. A tactical situation occurs that requires the sergeant to turn off the radio. When possible, the sergeant shall notify the dispatcher of the situation in which radio contact is not possible.


On-duty officers shall maintain radio contact with dispatch personnel at all times while in the call for service loop or while conducting field investigations. There are times when officers performing these duties are away from the radios in their vehicles or circumstances make it impractical to keep an assigned portable radio turned on (e.g., court attendance, participating in a school or civic function, in-service training). When such circumstances arise, officers shall contact their immediate supervisors and their dispatchers before turning their radios off. Upon becoming available, officers shall notify the dispatcher immediately.