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What is a lay belief?

How people understand and make sense of health and illness when they have no specialist knowledge


Why can lay beliefs and medical knowledge be different?

Lay beliefs based on cultural beliefs
Lack of knowledge
May not understand medical definitions


What is sociological health?

Your perceived control over your own health and your ability to lead a normal life.


What is a negative definition of health?

The absence of illness


What is a functional definition of health?

The ability to do certain things


What is a positive definition of health?

A state of wellbeing and fitness


Why can lay epidemiology be hard to understand?

May not understand how and why an illness occurs
May not understand why the illness occurred at that time
Some people with risk factors are not affected
Some people with no risk factors get the illness


What is 'health behaviour'?

An activity undertaken for the purpose of maintaining health and preventing illness


What is 'illness behaviour'?

Activity of an ill person to define their illness and seek a solution


What is 'sick role behaviour'?

Formal response to symptoms including seeking formal help and the person becoming a patient.


What is an illness iceberg?

Most symptoms in a population do not get seen by a doctor


List some factors which affect health behaviour

Visibility of symptoms
Affect on life
Lay referral- friends/family initial opinion
Frequency of symptoms
Tolerance threshold


What is lay referral?

People discuss their symptoms with friends or look on the internet before (or instead of) seeing a doctor


Why is lay referral a problem?

Causes delays between initial symptoms and presenting to the GP
May have trouble linking own symptoms to a serious disease (eg. if they do not fit the usual stereotype of a disease)


What is a 'distancer' of a disease?

Someone who suffers from a disease but claims to not have it "very badly" or "properly"


What is a 'denier' of a disease?

Someone with a disease who rejects to accept they have it


What is an 'acceptor' of a disease?

Someone who accepts that they suffer from a disease and so take their medication and are in control of their symptoms


What is a 'pragmatist' of a disease?

Did use preventative medicine but only when the disease was in flare up. See as a mild, acute illness


What is 'medication behaviour'?

How a person feels about and uses their medication