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Give 3 reasons why patient views on healthcare are important

Ethical reasons
Patients can choose where to have treatment based on peer reviews
Secures legitimacy for a healthcare service


What were the outcomes of the NHS Plan (2000)?

Every NHS organisation is required to produce an annual report on patient views called the Patient Prospectus
The patient prospectus sets out the range of services available and the ratings they received.


What were the outcomes of 'Involving Patients and the Public in Healthcare (2001)'?

Set of proposals building on the NHS Plan and the Kennedy principles


What were the outcomes of the NHS Act (2006)?

Placed a duty on organisations to involve and consult patients and the public in planning services, developing changes and in decision making


What were the outcomes of the White Paper (2010)?

Strengthened the voice of patients and the public at a local and national level.
Healthwatch England developed
Encouraged more use of patient-experience surveys and real-life surveys


What is the information gathered from patient surveys used for?

Inform other patients with similar conditions to make the right choice of health service. Will make providers more responsive.


Give the 5 main points of the NHS Outcomes Framework

1. Prevent people from dying prematurely
2. Enhance QoL for those with long-term conditions
3. Helping people recover from illness or injury
4. Ensuring people have a positive experience of care
5. Treat patients in a safe environment


Give 3 places where feedback of services can be given

NHS Friends and Family Test
NHS choices website
Range on non-NHS forums


What is Healthwatch England? What are their powers?

National consumer champion in health and care
Statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened.


What is the job of Local Healthwatch?

Seek the views of local people regarding the health and care services. They then pass on the information to those responsible for commissioning the care


What is PALS?

Patient Advice and Liaison Service- offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters


What is the NHS hospitals complaints review system?

System which looks at how complaints about NHS care are made by patients and carers, and how they are acted upon by hospitals


What is the job of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsmen?

Undertakes independent investigations into complaints that the NHS has not acted properly or fairly. Provides the ultimate independent view on what has happened.


Give 3 reasons why complain making is still not efficient

System to make complaints is confusing and complex
People do not think complaining will help
People lack information on complaint making
Many people need external support to make a complaint


Give 3 ways of finding patient views qualitatively

Focus group


Why are qualitative methods of finding patient views beneficial?

Helpful in identifying patient priorities


Why are quantitative surveys good methods of finding out patient views?

Less staff training
Guarantee anonymity
Can standardise answers to make analysis easier


What are the 5 main areas of hospital care which are complained about most frequently?

Patients not able to express concerns fully
Full histories of presenting complaint not undertaken
Competance issues
"Hotel" aspects of care eg. food, beds
Waiting times