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How many heat detectors are there? Where are they and at what temperature are they activated?

There are 4 heat detectors. They can be found in the aux space, survivors compartment, pilot house, and engine room. They are activated at 190 degrees F.


What is the candlepower of the installed searchlight? What are it's turn radius?

The search light is 500,000 candlepower and has a 370 degree turn radius with a 45 degree vertical radius.


How many fire extinguishers are there on the 45? And where are they located?

There are 4 five pound fire extinguishers. Two are in the pilot house and two are in the survivors compartment.


What are the bilge pumps on the 45 rated for?

33 GPM or 2000 GPH


Where are the bulge pumps located?

1. Forpeak
2. Survivors compartment
3. Port side aux compartment
4. Starboard side aux compartment
5. Engine compartment
6. Lazarette


At what speed are crew restraints required?

Speeds 30 knots or greater.


Where is the depth sounder on the 45?

The lazarette


At what frames is the deepest draft?

Transom to frame 2


How can the boat be stopped rapidly? How many boat lengths will it take?

The boat can be brought to an abrupt haunt by going from full ahead to full astern. This will stop the boat in about 1 1/2 boat lengths.


The RBM is designed to be self righting what is the average time for it to right itself?

8-12 seconds


Where is the egress hatch located? How many pounds is it rated for?

The survivors compartment. 400 pounds.


When inverted at what degree angle will the bow float up at?

30-40 degree angle


At what degree does the self righting system activate?

90+ degrees


What is the collar on the 45 made of?

The out side is polyurethane and the inside is polyethylene