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Why are catalysts used in many industrial processes?

They can help to reduce the energy and time needed for reactions, saves money and reduces impacts on environment


Why can using catalysts help if fossil fuels are burning?

Catalysts will help conserve resources and reduce pollution


What are traditional catalysts?

Transitional metals or their compounds


What is the downside to using traditional catalysts?

Some of the transitional metals and their compounds are toxic and may cause harm if they get into the environment


Why would enzymes be better than traditional catalysts in industry?

They work at lower temps so reduce energy costs even further


What is now becoming a new and exciting possibility for highly efficient catalysts?



Which 2 areas of research offer possibilities for new or better catalysts? Why?


They result in less waste, are safer for the environment and will reduce energy costs even further


Why are catalysts economic?

They don't need replacing very often