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What is the definition of a Hostage Taker/Incident?

A person who uses hostages to effect an escape, commit crime, or further a cause, and poses a clear and present danger to the hostages and to the public at large. Therefore, an incident in which a hostage taker has taken hostages is a hostage incident.


What shall in Incident Command Post consist of during a Hostage taker incident?

It shall consist of the patrol supervisor, fire and medical personnel, and the Public Information Officer (PIO).


Once SWAT has responded who is responsible for logistical and support concerns?

Area Patrol Supervisor.


Who is responsible for all Tactical Operations?

SWAT Commander


What are the main responsibilities of a Patrol Supervisor once on scene?

1. Reinforces inner perimeter and establishes a secondary perimeter based on the nature of the incident.

2. Directs units to stop any inbound foot or vehicle traffic as required.

3. Evacuates bystanders and injured persons from the area directly around the suspect’s location.

4. Designates an officer with good verbal skills to make contact with the hostage taker to determine the subject’s desires and purposes, and the well-being of hostages. Note: Prior to the arrival of SWAT/CNT, there will be no negotiations for the supply of weapons, ammunition, drugs, alcohol, or exchange of hostages.

5. Requests a dedicated radio channel with a dispatcher.