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Why should we introduce literature in the schools?

Literature and literary language is one of the most salient aspect of educational activity.


How can we do it?

We need to bring about change in the classroom under two premises


1st premise

1st , because learning is an integral aspect of any form of activity.


2nd premise

Education at all levels must be conceived in terms of literature.


But we are talking about Medieval literature!

Medieval literature may be approached in linguistic terms, regarding form and function (morphology, lexis, structure, form) and also from a cross-curricular perspective (Sociology, History, English, French and Spanish language)


Is this an open door to British culture for students?

Spanish students are expected to know about the British culture and its influence in Europe since students are required to know about the culture and history of its own language.


Do you mean introducing literature in terms of linking different subject competencies?

Yes, by means of the subjects of History and Language.


How do we approach literature nowadays?

Present day approaches deal with a communicative competence model in which first, there is an emphasis on significance over form, and secondly, motivation and involvement are enhanced by means of new technologies. By watching films, documentaries or offering other media, this topic can be taken closer to our pupils.