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What are shells ?

Energy levels

The energy increases as the shell number increases


What is the shell number / energy level called?

Principal quantum number


What is the electron configuration for krypton?

1s2 2s2 2p3 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10


What is an atomic orbital?

A region around the nucleolus that can hold up to two electrons, with opposite spins


What is the maximum number an orbital can hold ?



What is the shape of a s orbital?

A sphere


What is the shape of a p orbital?


Can be Px, Py or Pz


What are the number of electrons in each shell?

N= 1 has 2 ( 1s2)

N= 2 has 8 ( 2s2 + 2p6 )

N= 3 has 18 ( 3s2 + 3p6 + 3d10 )

N= 4 has 32 ( 4s2 + 4p6 + 4d10 + 4f14)


How would you draw electron configuration in the electron box model?

Electrons are negatively charged and repel each other

They either spin up or down

The two electrons in an orbital must have opposite spins

The boxes also fill up with one electron each and then double up


How do you write shorthand electron configuration?

You write the noble gas that is just behind it. That counts as the early bit of electron configuration. Manually write the rest until it reaches the required element.


What is special about the d block ?

The 4s sub shell is at a lower energy than the 3D sub shell.

Therefore it fills and empties first.