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Define enthalpy change of solution

Enthalpy change when 1 mole of a solute dissolves in a solvent (water)

  • Can be exothermic or endothermic


Define enthalpy change of hydration

Enthalpy change when 1 mol of gaseous ions dissolves in water to form 1 mol of aqueous ion

E.g. Na+(g) + aq → Na+(aq)

(aq represents excess water)

  • Always exothermic


Describe the process of dissolving

  1. Ionic lattice breaks up (opposite to lattice enthalpy)
  2. Separate gaseous ions interact with polar water molecules forming hydrated aqueous ions
    • This is the enthalpy change of hydration


What is the difference between Born-Haber Cycles where Enthalpy Changes of Solutions can be exo or endo?


Construct a Born Haber Cycle for Enthalpy changes in Solution