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What is nutrition?

This a dumb question but it's in the notes so... Nutrition is the acquisition of nutrients and water


What parts of the plants transport nutrients and wastes over short and long distances?

Transportation systems


Movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide between organisms and their environments is classified as what type of transport?

Gas exchange - only occurs with oxygen and carbon dioxide!


How is transportation of materials accomplished in single-celled organisms (ex. spyrogyra)?

Streaming or moving of the cytoplasm allows all materials to swirl around the cell like in a washing machine!


Can streaming also occur in the cells of multicellular PLANTS?

Yes, yes it can.


What two types of vascular tissue allow for transportation of materials in the plant?

Xylem and phloem transport water minerals and sugars.


Where are xylem and phloem cells found in many plants?

In their roots, stem and leaves


All xylem tissue (trachieds and vessel elements) are dead - why is this?

Dead cells have no organelles which allows for more efficient water transportation


The xylem cells form long tubes consisting only of what structure?

Cell walls