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The purchase that makes up the states of California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Arizona, New Mexico,Wyoming and Colorado

The Mexican Cession


The purchase that makes up the southern parts of the states of New Mexico and Arizona

The Gadsten Purchase


Find these locations on a map

The Ohio River,
the Gulf of Panama,
the Arkansas River,
Angel Falls,
the Snake River,
the Gulf of Tehuantepec,
Madiera River,
Niagara Falls,
the Parana river,
The Labrador Sea


How did a pioneer family prepare to move ?

They would buy a covered wagon and supplies, they would load the wagon with tools, food, blankets, kitchen utensils and the family Bible. They would also tie livestock to the wagon.


What route would pioneers take in moving to the West?

They would probably travel west to Pittsburgh where they sold their wagon and bought a flat boat to cross the Ohio River. Later pioneers might follow the Erie Canal.


What types of vehicles might pioneers use for transportation?

Pioneers would travel in covered wagon and flatboats.


The great English founder of the Methodist church

John Wesley


Who said, "Be always sure you're right - then go ahead!"?

Davy Crockett


In what major battle did Davy Crockett fight and die?

The Battle of the Alamo


She saved important papers and Washington's portrait.

Dolly Madison


He wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Francis Scott Key


The president who purchased Florida from Spain

James Monroe


The dictator of Mexico who led the Mexican forces at the Alamo

General Santa Anna


What is a pioneer?

A person who does something first, preparing the way for others


The place where gold was found in California in 1848

John Sutter's ranch


Where did the Oregon Trail begin and how long was it?

Independence, Missouri; almost 2000 miles long


The Wilderness Road ran through this

Cumberland Gap