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Three things to determine in no-fault insurance

1. When you are entitled to collect no-fault insurance

2. What you get

3. When you are allowed to litigate, despite the no-fault law


In order to collect under no-fault insurance, one must be:

1. The carrier of the insurance,

2. any other authorized driver of his car

3. Any passenger in the car

4. Any pedestrians hit by the car


People disqualified from collecting under no-fault

1. Drunk drivers 2. Drag racers 3. Car thieves, or other fleeing felons


What does No-Fault insurance cover?

1. All medical expenses

2. Lost wages up to $2,000 a month for three years

3. Supplemental expenses up to $25 a day (lawnmowing, maid, etc.)


Can No-Fault insurance cover pain/suffering?



When are you allowed to litigate, despite the no-fault law?

1. If you have injuries that exceed “basic economic loss”

2. If you suffer a “serious injury”


Basic Economic Loss

More than $50,000 (Add medical expenses + Lost wages for 1 year + Misc. Expenses for 1 year)


Serious Injury

1. Death

2. Dismemberment

3. Serious disfigurement

4. A fracture

5. Loss of a fetus

6. Permanent loss of the use of a bodily organ or bodily member

7. Permanent consequential limitation of the use of a bodily organ or bodily member