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What happens if hold the Alt key Windows (Option key Mac), and click-hold to select the desired input?

You will have changed all of the incoming inputs to that selection.


What 11 parameters can you use to change using keyboard shortcuts? How do you use these parameters through through the appropriate keyboard shortcut?

1 - Automation Mode
2 - Monitor Mode
3 - Playlist Enable
4 - Record, Solo and Mute Enable
5 - Record and Solo Safes
6 - Clear Clip Parameter
7 - Inserting Plugins
8 - I/O bus, send assignment
9 - Volume/Peak Indicator
10 - Extend Edit or Timeline Section
11 - Track Height

Mac - Option + (Shift) + Applicable function listed above (change parameter on all channel strips)

Windows - Alt + (Shift) + Applicable function listed above (change parameter on all channel strips)


How do you create a new session using the keyboard shortcut?

Commmand + N (Mac) - Control +N (Windows)


How do you create a New Track?

Shift + Command + N (Mac)
Shift + Control + N (Windows)


What specs are required to run Pro Tools 12 for Windows, For Mac?

- 32 or 64 bit
- Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) through OX X 10.10
- at least 4 GB Ram (8 or more recommended).

- Avid-Qualified Windows based computer
- 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Or Ultimate w/ SP1, or Windows 8/8.1 (Standard or Pro)
- 4GB Ram (8 or more recommended


First steps to diagnosing a problem in the studio?

Check your cable, follow your signal flow, restart your computer, check your inputs and outputs.


What is the hierarchy of the Pro Tools Session File Structure?

- Pro Tools Session Parent Folder
1. Pro Tools Session File
2. Audio Files
3. Session File Backups
4. Rendered Files
5. Clip Groups
6. Plug In Settings
7. Video Files.
8. WaveCache.info


What are the properties of the Pro Tools Session File?

- Holds directions to the audio files location
- No actual audio is stored in the session file, but all the instuctions of how these 1s and 0s are accessed are
- Just giving someone a session file will not allow them to hear anything from your session!


What are the properties of the Audio Files folder? What can you do to responsibly store audio data?

Any audio that your record or import into pro tools will reside in this folder. One of the best ways to avoid losing or confusing important Audio is simply naming your files and labeling tracks before you record on them.


What are the properties of Session File Backup Folders?

- This folder could fucking save your life
- Pro Tools Automatically saves your session according to a predetermined time value
- Maybe what you need is int there
- You can modify your preference for how frequently data is backed up and changed the predetermined value (but more on that later)


What are the properties of the Rendered Files Folder?

- This folder is used to hold temporary information on Elastic Audio
- It is technically non-essential
- Most session folders won't have this folder, or it will only appear when the session file is open and running in pro tools


What are the properties of the Clip Groups Folder?

- The clip group folder was new for pro tools 10
- Pro tools 10 revised this name to clips (clips of music were originally referred to as regions)
- the clips group folder holds temporary information regarding edited audio (cut up clips)
- it appears when a session is open and and disappears once it is closed
- It is nonessential for the transfer of a pro tools session


what are the properties of the Plug-ins settings folder?

- The plug in setting folder holds the sessions plugin setting. You also have the options to save presets to those plugins.
- when saving a copy of a session, you can choose to include your root plugin settings folder in your session as well. This will give you access to any presets you have created for any of your session plugins anywhere you take your session.


What are the properties of the video files folder?

Pro Tools is a tool for both audio and visual media, capable of editing sound for a picture and is an industry standard for the movie industry, as well as the music industry. Just like the audio files folder, the video files folder holds the actual video files that are associated with your session.


What are the properties of the WaveCache File (.wfm)?

The wavecache file has one puropose: it stores the information that pro tools has calculated and stored to draw the waveform overviews that you see in the edit window. It can recalculate this graphic representation, but the session file will take longer to load because it is laborious for the computer's processor.