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Where is wind power useful?

For isolated area and for agricultural use.


How much energy can a modern large wind turbine produce?

A few megawatts of power.


How can the scale of energy transfer in a wind power be estimated?

Consider a mass of air moving at wind velocity v that in time delta t passes through the cross sectional area A spanned by the blades of a wind turbine. This is equal of a tubular volume of length vdelta. If p is the density of air this mass is pAvdeltat. The kinetic energy of this mass of air is 0.5(pAvdeltat)v^2 = 0.5pAdeltatv^3
The rate at which this energy passes through the blades is P = 0.5pAv^3


What are the advantages of wind power?

Essentially unlimited energy supply
No extraction costs
Practical for remote locations away from other energy sources


What are the disadvantages of wind power?

Works only if there is wind
Visually intrusive in large numbers
Low frequency operating noise intrusive for some people
High maintenance costs due to wind stresses