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This lecture covers the available materials for current use of dental ceramics.
Although starting with the, now redundant, porcelain jacket crown,
the lecture builds on techniques for manipulation, and clinical
application, of dental materials suitable for aesthetic veneers and

These techniques include the use of refractory die materials, the use of the lost wax technique and the now widespread use of CAD CAM as a method of indirect restoration manufacture


porcelain jacket crown:
made out of?
how much tooth reduction required?
prone to?

- feldspathic porcelain with added alumina
- need at least 1-2mm reduction
- prone to fracture


anatomy of a porcelain jacket crown?

1. feldspathic porcelain
2. alumina porcelain
3. platinum foil (stone die only)
4. stone or refractory die


veneer: how is it made?

- pour up impression: refractory die or stone die
- foil over stone die
- build up veneer and fire
- try in
- etch fit surface
- bond


dentine bonded crown:
made out of?
when does the strength come?

- feldspathic porcelain on refractory die
- trial for fit (not occlusion), etch fit surface, bond
- strength comes once crown is bonded in situ


hot-pressed/injection moulded ceramics:
- uses what technique?
- how is it done
- what types of ceramics are used?

- lost wax technique
- ceramic is pressed into space
- 1. leucite reinforced glass ceramic (IPS Empress)
- 2. lithium disilicate glass ceramic (IPS Empress 2/E-max)


hot-pressed/injection moulded ceramics:
describe anatomy x4

- cast, hot pressed or injection moulded ceramic
- shoulder or chamfer margins
- phosphate bonded investment material
- shading or surface characterization (added after divestment)


improved coping strength:
coping made of a slurry containing?
how is coping removal eased?
veneered with?

- alumina (in-ceram alumina)
- alumina with magnesium (in-ceram spinell)
- alumina and zirconia (in-ceram zirconia)

- covers a shrinking refractory die, therefore coping removal is easier
- feldspathic porcelain


in-ceram crown: made out of?

1. feldspathic protein
2. slurry coping
3. rounded shoulder or chamfer margin
4. shrinking refractory die


3 components of the general design of an all ceramic crown?

1. all ceramic crown material
2. rounded shoulder or chamfer margin
3. stone or refractory die


what is used at Dundee - porcelain and poly-crystalline ceramics?

- high alumina porcelain (DBC)
- feldspathic porcelain (DBC and MCC)
- lithium di-silicate glass ceramic (e-max)
- zirconia (lava)


what is used at Dundee - composites?

- ceromer (shofu ceramage)
- milled composite (lava ultimate)


high alumina porcelain:
how does it advantageous for DBCs?
can be used for?

- supports and strengthens feldspathic porcelain for DBCs
- can be etched, can be used for opaque metal substructure of MCCs prior to placement of feldspathic porcelain


feldspathic porcelain:
used for?

- aesthetic and etchable porcelain, used for:
- covering high alumina porcelain (in DBCs/opaque layer of MCCs)
- veneers made on either foil or refractory dies
- covering zirconia frameworks


lithium di-silicate glass ceramic (e-max):
made using?
made for?

- aesthetic, high-strength and etchable glass ceramic
- made using CAD-CAM technology
- veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns, bridges, covering zirconia frameworks


zirconia: used for?

- high str frameworks for crown and bridgework, to be veneered with either feldspathic porcelain or lithium disilicate glass
- high str copings, to replace use of gold crowns


zirconia bonding - possible?placed using?

- not possible
- placed using a luting cement


ceromeric restorations:
- what kind of material?
- how does it improve crowns?
- advantage?

- porcelain filled composite
- high quality long term provisional crowns
- can be modified and placed intra-orally


milled composite (lava ultimate):
CADCAM technology used for?

- CAD-CAM technology to mill from a block of composite
- single unit definitive crowns
- aesthetics, cheap, can be polished in mouth