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Bungaris fasciatus

anger alt with repentance
irritable during ovulation
pain/stiffness in trapezius


Labiatae family

pleasant, voluptuous excitement versus passive/boredom
Mentholum, Lycopus-v, Coll, Tuecr, Origanum, Agnus castus
delusion: body lighter than air, surroundings do not exist, body light after coition
face tingling, female genitalia tingles


Origanum majorana

violent with sexual desire, voluptuous feeling in female genitalia, faintness during coition


Teucrium marum verum
(cat thyme)

polyps of nose, bladder, uterus
constant inclination to blow nose
heat in finger tips



royal haughtiness
abusive children towards parents, delusions he were looking down from high place
numbness of forehead/temples
sexual desire violent, female involuntary orgasm
pain with stomach acid
caries/necrosis of bone

syphilitic miasm


Dendroaspis polyepsis
(Black mamba)

sudden violent anger
delusions: caged, tormented, trapped
morbid impulse to sexually tease/do violence to women


Strontium carbonicum

column 2--need for support, row 5--creative problem solvers
explore new areas but feel lack of capacity to do so
dependent on guide
back/head shivering
weakness from surgery