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Subject 1: No
women have a higher spiritual. They are above men

In Orthodox Judaism, women are considered to be on a higher spiritual plane, thus not obligated to fulfill all the commandments. So their roles are different, which can lead to inequalities.


Subject 2: No
Women are a bride or a queen

Men are external. Women are internal. We get quiet. We clean when something upsets us. Women have different requirements. We are creators and nurturers. Women were created to be a helper to a man. Every woman has the obligation to go to the Mikva house once a month and to pray every morning thanking Hashem for making me according to his will. We don't pray 3 times a day because we don't have to. In the Torah a woman is considered the queen, or a bride. Women epitomize Shabbat and Hashem is our King. No where in Torah mentions a man as the ruler of a woman.


Subject 5: Yes
Equal but different responsibilities

Both have different responsibilities


Subject 6: Yes

Different but equal


Subject 7: Yes
Equal but different

I do see women equal in Jewish culture, just because they do not do the same thing in Jewish culture as men that does not mean they are not equal.


Subject 8: Yes
Different roles but equal

Every role is different no matter where you are, however I see the roles equal.


Subject 13: Yes
Women and men opinions are treated the same

In my experience, women's opinions and desires are treated equally to those of men.


Subject 14: Yes
Different but equal

They contribute differently but equally important. Men example: making a minyan. Women example: laws of family purity


Subject 3: No
The role are different so there not equal

Men and women have different mitzvot and roles.


Subject 4: No
Roles different but importance the same

No because there roles are different, however I think the importance of the roles are equal.


Subject 9: No
The man is the ruler of the house

The man is the head of the house and without him everything is kind of messed up.


Subject 10: No
Different so not equal

There are many things, that mens can do and women can't.


Subject 11: Yes
Men control the house

I think they are equal in their own way. For the men they are the ones in ahead of the the house and make options for the whole family. Women are the ones in charge of the kids and making sure that the kids know the Torah.


Subject 12: No
Men do more than women

Because men are required to do more things than women are.